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Paleotehnology - is speech about antiquity? Is about the present? Whether is it important for you? For some reason I think that it is important for everyone.

Since our childhood we have been inured that in the ancient time people were the savages, who used primitive tools from stone or bronze. And now we live in a space age and we own hi-tech. Actually, who used tools from stone are those who had outlived destruction of previous civilization. And many our technical achievements yield to the forgotten. Only now we begin understand and master some technologies of antiquity.
Paleotehnology is not a primitive thing. It is that the official science diligently holds back. Because earlier it did not understand and did not accept this, and now, on the one hand does not wish to lose the face, and with another there is what to patent and on what to earn.
On this site I will open some mysteries of ancient technologies, their purpose, using and presently prolongation, because I have managed to understand them.

Valery P. Kondratov.
28 april 2009


Contacts: valera@paleotehnolog.ru

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