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The Confirmation of the Nine Energies in the Egyptian Tradition

Valery P. Kondratov
October 25, 2010

Warning: I do not recommend reading this article to archaeologists, historians, linguists and Egyptologists especially, in order to avoid heart attacks.

      On September 15 this year, looking at a book by Valery Uvarov "Wands of Horus" I found a description of the nine energies from Papyrus of Iuau, found in Thebes by Theodore M. Davis. After closely examining these lines of characters, I realized that they recorded the same energy as in the Geometries of the Unified Field. The sequence is completely similar to the one I brought from the Geometry of the Unified Field, but for some reasons the other way around. Begins with gravity and not with the torsion field as it should. (Photo 1).

Photo 1.The names of energies from the book "Wands of Horus" by V. Uvarov.

The sequence of energies should be placed from the bottom to the top and look like this:
    9. Torsion field (weak interaction).
    8. Electric field.
    7. Magnetic field.
    6. Photonic-time field (interaction). Science has not recognized it or is not discovered yet.
    5. Spatio-temporal field. Also not accepted by Science.
    4. Phonon-time field (interaction).Absolutely unknown to Science.
    3. Strong interaction.
    2. Vibration field. Unknown to Science or not considered.
    1. Gravitational field.

      Being busy all morning with studying and understanding the images, which are hidden in the hieroglyphs, I discovered the following: The combination of characters ANKH-EM is present in the weak (Torsion), Strong and Gravitational interactions. Probably this combination indicates to an intranuclear origin of energy. If we look at the "snakes" at the end of each line, we see that those who belong to the group "photon energy" (the so-called electroweak interaction, plus the photonic-time and, still not clear why, the space-time interaction) are the radiating ones. As it is indicated by the three strokes over the "snakes ".

And the "snakes" from "Phonon energy" are not light holders, because in fact it is the photon energy that is concentrated in the matter.

Some of the "snakes" are surrounded by straight brackets (see above), probably denoting that the energy moves through channels, and over the "snakes" of the Strong interaction is represented an oval,probably indicating the effect of an intranuclear compression.

      The hieroglyphs themselves describe the origin (transformation) and the properties of each energy. For example, in the Torsion field we have a fish character that is exposed to radiation from the bottom, which could be interpreted as the energy of drying or mummification. This effect is manifested in the pyramids which are the hubs of the torsion field of the earth. In addition we have witnessed this effect last summer, which resulted in an unprecedented drought, caused by the increased torsion field radiation of the planet under a big part of Russia. The hieroglyph "white owl" from the torsion field (probably indicating the white light) is repeated in the description of the electric field. And the first pair of characters of the electric field is repeated in the description of the magnetic field. And so on.

Of particular interest is the presence of a hieroglyph denoting the writing habits at the end of the line describing the space-time interaction. After all, particularly there it is what Edgar Cayce called as the AKASHIC RECORDS. And only there the information about all the energy interactions that were occurring and will occur (or possibly both, suggesting the reality Transfer) is forever recorded, stored and read. In other words speaking this is the absolute memory of the Universe.

      The first character of the Vibrating field line, the "vase with lid" reminds of the spheres that were used by John Worrell Keely in his experiments with sound energy.

      In general, it appears that, the so-called "Book of the Dead" (Am-Duat) is the encoded knowledge of the laws of the Universe.

      I have decoded most of the characters listed in the description of the energies, but I do not want to overload this article by describing them here, and also we must leave to others the opportunity to reflect on their significations.

      The main thing is that the knowledge of the Egyptians about the structure of the Universe is totally identical with the Geometry of the Unified field (see this article).

      And here's what else I dug in the same book; "The Wands of Horus".

      In the "KA-BA-LA-ON" section Valery Uvarov presented an illustration with the nine gods of the Heliopolis pantheon that also, in his understanding, represent different energies. And he marked the point of essence here. (Photo 2).

Photo 2. (The great nine Gods of the Heliopolis pantheon) image from the book "Wands of Horus" by V. Uvarov.

And so we have:
    1. Shu - the god of air, showing the concentration of the torsion field through ankhs (weak interaction).
    2. Tefnut-goddess representing the electric field. And the pattern on the dress of the goddess clearly reminds of the cells from the Fabric of the Universe. As normal for an electric field, it acts hand in hand with the magnetic field.
    3. Gor - the magnetic field with instant division of the energy into positive and negative pole (the Ankh and the rod in his hands).
    4. Geb the photonic-time field, extending a hand to the goddess Nut. Probably it is manifested in nuclear quadrupole resonance (NMR is something like that).
    5. Nut - a space-time field that creates a matrix for all interactions (Fabric of the Universe). She is also the memory of the Universe.
    6. Isis the phonon- time interaction. Concentrates the photon energy and together with Nephthys creates out of this energy the body of Osiris.
    7. Osiris - the strong interaction, holds in its hands the quarks in the form of "whip of three bits for beating grain out of the ears" (Oh, how beautiful it is described by Charles Leadbeater in "Occult Chemistry"), as well as an electric field twisted in a rod (probably a good example is the electron shell of an atom).
    8. Nephthys - the vibrational interaction, in fact is the sound energy. Inhibits the photon energy to capture the strong interaction and creates particles out of it (Osiris).
    9. Seth - the gravitational field. Takes the matter from Nephthys (touches her hand). Compresses and transmits it to the black hole (to which he holds his other hand). Through him, out of the black hole, the primary formed (sound signal) is coming to us somewhere at 57 octaves below the first (see "The Geometry of the Unified Field').

      In this case the gods of the "phonon group" (the matter) are located on the platform, and even with Osiris on the throne, while the gods of the "photon group" (the pure energy) do not need the material platform.

      It should also be considered that all the details in the clothes and headgear of the gods, including the designs, are descriptions of the properties of energies, represented by these gods.

      Well, where do you see here the legend about gods or pharaohs. This is simply a description of the structure of the Universe. And the legend represents the protection from the profane.

      The same subject is revealed by the vignette depicted in the upper right corner.
      KA - the group of photon energies, BA - the group of phonon energies.
      LA - spatio-temporal energy. (Photo 3).

Photo3. The image of the vignettes from the book "The Wands of Horus".

      I want to express my gratitude to Valery Uvarov for the good selection of information in his book "The Wands of Horus".

And now, let's reflect on the writing itself and its translations.

      Probably there were good reasons that led the Egyptians to encrypt their knowledge and invent such a strange and not comfortable writing as hieroglyphs.
      In addition, there are serious doubts regarding the translation system of the Egyptian texts developed by Champollion as well as the authenticity of the Rosetta Stone. After all, nothing similar to this have being found before, but why? The Greeks ruled in Egypt for a long time and the need of transferring the laws and regulations, not only in Greek, but also in the Egyptian language that was spoken by the local population, was extremely important.
      In addition to this, there are known about 800 hieroglyphs and only some of them were used by Champollion in his dictionary. But what is the meaning of the others? Even in the presented translations of the values of energies different characters give the same phoneme, or are simply ignored (not pronounced). Here's an example: - am, - sam, -ankh. And where is the correct LETTER (A), and where (M).
      Probably we are dealing with what is called a veiled text, when the deep meaning is hidden under a veil of two meaningless fables, such as the rubai of Omar Khayam for example.
      It is known that long before Champollion the Egyptian texts were translated by Gorappolon (approximately 4th century AD), but the translation presented not just the adventures of gods and pharaohs but also chapters of the Bible. Maybe the risk of reviling the origins of the Bible and as a consequence of the whole Christian ideology demanded the manufacturing of Rosetta Stone and the creation of its meanings. Maybe also the Napoleon's campaign in Egypt was undertaken for this? In other words this was only a draft of concealment.
      I don't know the reason why the Egyptians came to the use of hieroglyphs, but I'm sure that those who created the Egyptian civilization were using the runic alphabet type in the first place. And here is why I have this opinion.
      It is known that the Egyptian civilization came from the South after a flood on the territory of the rich country of Punt, where the pharaohs use to send their caravans. Apparently this country is now Ethiopia, earlier called Abyssinia, and probably before that had the name Abzu (mentioned in the book "War of the Gods" by Zecharia Sitchin). A good confirmation to this can be seen in the movie "The Ark of the Covenant - Ethiopian track", produced by a group of researchers under the direction of Andrei Sklyarov. (By the way, these guys have made a lot of interesting films).

Footage from the movie "The Ark of the Covenant - Ethiopian track"

      In their film can be seen the architectural objects on the territory of Yemen and Ethiopia that are very similar to the Egyptians, but according to some researches they pre-emergence the Egyptian buildings. So, in their shootings can be found elements of runic inscriptions in the museum and on the architectural monuments. This means that those who created the Egyptian civilization, in the beginning were using the runic writing style.
      In addition to this, in some churches can be seen depicted the Templar cross, which most likely was borrowed from the Egyptian temples by the Templar knights, because the temples were built obviously before the descent of the Templar Knights in these places.

Footage from the movie "The Ark of the Covenant - Ethiopian track"

      And the same cross can be easily traced in the Fabric of the Universe, as well as in such a device as the ankh (whose work I shall describe separately). (see: The key to writing - Fabric of the Universe).

      So, most likely the hieroglyphs have replaced the earlier runic script type. But, nevertheless, they conceal the information about the structure of the Universe.

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