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The true nature of the "Bhagavad Gita"

Valery P. Kondratov.
October 10, 2011

    I understand that many religious people will consider the ideas and thoughts in this article a terrible sacrilege, but it is not so. Just try to read carefully and to understand the meaning of what Krishna says about the structure of this world and the man's place in it.

In April this year I started to study the Vedic knowledge and especially the "Bhagavad Gita" (the song of the Lord). I received this book a couple of years ago.

But I couldn't "digest" it until I became interested about Vedic cosmology and found " Voices of the Vedas" on an Internet site, which were structured as wonderful lectures in mp-3 format, including a lecture on Vaasthu Shastra (a treatise on the planning of space) and the recording of "Bhagavad Gita" in a good interpretation with good comments, which I re-listened many times. And the more I was listening, the more I realized that there is some sort of real, initial knowledge, an in-depth explanation about the universal order and the human role. I re-listened "Bhagavad Gita" many times. And it does not make ma bored because every time I find in her new knowledge. Today, I cannot imagine what could possibly reveal more about the structure of the universe and human place in it than the "Bhagavad Gita". But for me, it was very important that when combined with Vaasthu Shastra, "Bhagavad Gita" reaffirms and adds some details to the structure of the Fabric of the universe and as a consequence even some physical processes. And most importantly, it gives us the opportunity to see a schematic arrangement of the gods, their powers and relationships, which facilitates the understanding of the structure of the Universe. That's why I researched the "Bhagavad Gita" through the Fabric of the Universe and I want to make public my findings.

The fact that the Egyptian gods are actually hidden energies, it was a conclusion that I come up. In the Vedic science, gods and demigods are personified energies. Here, all of them together are considered as the omniscient energy of God who created this world. "the omniscient energy" it is a very important word combination. This means that in the first instance the emitted energy carries some information to objects to which it is sent, and, secondly, collects and stores information on its path to its destination and brings it to the sender. Like a flashlight beam, sent into the darkness, where the reflected light tells us what our surroundings are or like radar scanning the sky.

I'll say this one more time. The Vedic knowledge says that all the energies in the material world occurred as a consequence of the primary energy of the Eternal God. So all the gods come from the One. And also you have to imagine that the energies can personalize themselves into material shapes, at least such as egregors. And then they appear to be gods.

In this case it's very interesting the analysis of the word MIND [] through "The Beginning of Genetic Linguistics" by G.S. Grinevitch as an instrument for preserving the memory of the creator God and the unity of all.

Ra [] - God, Time, Sun. 

Z [] - divisibility, (fission, decay, decomposition). 

U [] - an achievement, a performance (process - that is performed, that is achieved; the channeling of "Ra Material").

M [] - resistance, opposition, contraposition.

The MIND [] - the channeling of "Ra Material". It is the opposition to the process of fission of god (for example dividing the energy into spectres). Or in other words, the perception of integrity and unity of the whole. Similar information, about the splitting of god into energy for self-knowledge, is reported in the channeling of "Ra Material".

I will explain briefly my views about the world. It is something like a computer processor, but in addition to electromagnetic energy there are also other energies involved. Of course there is the creator and the programmer of all this. He is not personally present, but can control everything. And he does this with the help of a user manual, part of which is the "Bhagavad Gita". In this world, we are too some sort of energy, and must obey to certain rules, because all this is created for some purposes, and not just for the sake of the arbitrary the big bang. I will begin with the description of Vaasthu Shastra and its relationship to the Fabric of the Universe, as this will help us to understand in the subsequent part of the article the connection between "Bhagavad Gita" and the Fabric of the Universe. . (By the way, Vaasthu Shastra is the ancient parent of Chinese Feng Shui).

In the Hindu religion there's a mixture of gods and demigods which makes it hard to understand and mostly, due to the layering of several religious doctrines on the original cult frame of Rama, with the subsequent Brahmanism and Krishnaism. But Vaasthu Shastra to some extent helps to clarify some facts. And to begin I’ll show you two images from the movie "Mysteries of the Sacred Universe" (a film created by the Bhaktivedanta Institute). This film is just full with elements from the Fabric of the Universe (which I will describe in a separate article). (The film was downloaded from the site "Golosved"). Please accept my apologies for the quality. (Img. 1 and 2).

                                 Img.1                                                 Img.2

As you can see, both of them are representing practically the same square of Saturn (Img. 3), only instead of the numbers the fields are occupied by the gods.

Img.3. The Square of Saturn with Seal

Let me remind you the sequence of energies in the square of Saturn:

  1. Torsion field (one section of its spectrum is the torsion field).
  2.  Electric field.
  3.  Magnetic field.
  4.  Photonic-time field. 
  5. Spatio-temporal field.
  6. Phonon-time field.
  7. Strong interaction.
  8. Vibration field.
  9. Gravitational field.

In the images appearing in the film there are some discrepancy between the names of the gods and their locations. But in the second frame there is also a number of 24 Gods subordinated to basic ones. This confirms my original conclusion that all energies have spectrum.  That is, not only the electromagnetic energy and the sound energy have spectrum, but also weak and strong interactions, gravity, photonic-temporal field and the phonon-time field.  And only the energies of space and time are still in question. But most likely, they are also spectral. Actually, the very principle of transition from one energy to another suggests that this transition requires whether a surplus of energy, which allows it to go up to a higher level, and then we have, for example, the transition of electromagnetic energy into weak interaction through an Intermediate Boson, or a lack of energy and, consequently, stalling to a less energetic part, for example, the transition of the weak interaction into electromagnetic.

I'll do a little analysis of the location of the gods. I want to note that, in my opinion, the first frame corresponds more to the correct location of the gods by their qualities. The movement of the gods from their seats and the replacement with others was due to the fact that over the years the religious concepts were different and therefore also the importance of certain gods. If we overlay in Img. 1 the Seal of Saturn, we get a natural numbering of the gods, which coincides with their energetic qualities. (Img. 4). (Of course, that the names of: - water, air, fire, etc. do not mean a physical property, but rather the state of energy.)

Img. 4.

In the second image is questionable the presence of Soma (god of Moon) as the energy of weak interaction, although the role of Kuvera, the god responsible for wealth is also not very clear. But the movement of Indra from his natural position as a god armed with lightning (the electromagnetic energy) and the replacement with the Sun god - Suryu, also raises doubts, because Surya rules only the Sun in time that the principle of Indra is expressed throughout the universe. Also it's important to note that since all the energies are spectral each part of the spectrum has its own name. How, for example, the electromagnetic wave can be light, radio wave, or heat, and so under the name of one god may be a couple of its manifestations. Let's take, for example, the god Agni which rules three other gods Antarikshu (god of outer space, all that is above ground), Bhrisha (fire lord), Satya (truthfulness, one of the deities of fire).

At the same time, in the middle of the second frame is placed the god Brahma, responsible for energies of the space and time. As if to confirm my initial statement that the number five corresponds to the space and time (see the Geometry of the Unified Field).

The list of gods and their attributes in the first scheme:

  1. Kuvera - the Treasurer of demigods, the keeper of the treasures. (Here a few doubts arise  about his location. The problem is that we usually associate the wealth with underground treasures, and the main stream of weak interaction comes from the centers of stars, planets and so on. Thus, it may be, he rules the underworld?) 
  2. Niruti - one of the Rudras (expansions of Shiva - the destroyer), which protects the southwest.
  3. Indra – the lord of rain, lightning and thunder.
  4. Agni – the god of fire element.
  5. The wind rose. (But should be Brahma).
  6. Vayu – the god of winds.
  7. Varuna - the god of water.
  8. Ishan - this name sometimes referred to the God of the sun, sometimes to Vishnu.
  9. Yama - the god of death and the posthumous trial.

The second frame gives an interesting point based on the 24 demigods. If we arrange them in the order of their power features, and then connect the lines, then we have a double the swastika. (Fig. 5).


More than that this frame contains all the thirty three main gods made ??in the Vedic tradition.

The list of gods in the second scheme (I'll leave the consecutiveness without corrections as it appears in the movie sequence):


  1. Agni – fire
  2. Antariksha - the god of outer space (all that is above ground)
  3. Bhrisha - the lord of fire
  4. Satya - truthfulness (one of the deities of fire)
  5. Surya - the Sun
  6. Indra - the lord of rain, thunder and lightning
  7. Jayant - The Winner, a son of Indra.
  8. Pardzhanyya - "storm cloud", one of the sons of Aditi and the brother of Indra


  1. Isha - "the lord", Vishnu, and after another version of a form of Surya (the sun)
  2. Diti - the mother of demons
  3. Aditi - the mother of demigods (starting with Indra)
  4. Bhadzhaga - "writhing snake"
  5. Soma - the moon god, giving nectar to of demigods
  6. Bhallata - "with the large forehead," the Bear, one of the defenders
  7. Mukhya - the master of Prana (the vital energy)
  8. Ahi - 1) snake, one of the names of the snake-like demon Rahu, 2) "the link between heaven and earth"


  1. Vayu - the master of the wind.
  2.  Papayakshma - "the destroyer of sins"?? I’m not certain about the meaning
  3. Shosha - warming up, withering
  4. Asura - demon (the enemy of demigods)
  5. Varuna - the master of water
  6. Kusuma-Dante - "having teeth, beautiful as the flowers"
  7. Sugriva - "beautiful neck", a swan, a type of weapon
  8. Dau-varica - "standing at the door," the guard


  1. Niruti - one of the Rudras (the incarnation of Shiva)
  2. Mriga - "Deer"
  3. Bhringaradzha - "Lord of the Bees", a protective deity
  4. Gandharva - celestial singer and dancer
  5. Yama - the god of death
  6. Brihat-kshata - "very patient"
  7. Vitatha - 'false'
  8. Pushan - the one who nourishes, maintains and supports

*** I want to express my gratitude to Tushkin V.R. for this list with explanations but obviously I'll have to go to India to find out the original meaning of the gods and their relationship to Vaasthu Shastra. . On the Internet there is almost no serious information on this subject.

After being familiarized with the scheme of arrangement of the gods-energies in Vaasthu Shastra let's start to describe the structure of the world through the "Bhagavad Gita". To study the "Bhagavad Gita" I used the translation of the comments given in this mp-3 file (Shridhar-Bhagavad_Gita), since it is most adapted to the modern perception. In this case, if there were doubts about the adequacy of the spoken text in the mp-3 files I compared him with texts from the translation of "Bhagavad Gita", made ??by Sri Srimad, A.Ch. Bhaktivedanta, Swami Prabhupada and its commentaries, and translations of "Bhagavad Gita" by V.S. Sementsov. I have to note that some discrepancies did occurred. Since the "Bhagavad Gita" gives a lot of information for reflection and understanding, that requires more than one year to learn, I tried to investigate only those chapters that are directly related to the structure of the Fabric of the Universe and to Vaasthu Shastra.

I will begin following the given order in the Bhagavad Gita, and of course the order of my thoughts.

Describing the nature of the soul.

"A Pure spiritual soul is the true identity of a living creature. The soul has no point of birth, it is inexhaustible and eternally young, although older than most. He never gets exterminated, it is impossible to know him empirically and to feel with senses. The six stages of transformation of matter do not affected it. It pervades the whole body, while remaining constant, eternal and immeasurable. Only the physical body of the soul, which is changed like clothes, it's destroyed."

About the size of the soul we can only speculate on the basis of statements of Krishna: "I'm smaller than an atom, but greater than the huge, because I support everything." That is, the soul, perhaps, has the size of a quark or of an electron (without being them) and then it turns out that it is in every atom, only the degree of awareness varies, and therefore the most conscious person Krishna, is able to permeate the entire universe with its energy and in this way to manage it. "As one sun illuminates the entire universe, and is aware of this field, in the same way the Super Soul, illuminates the entire Universe and the souls in it. And just as conscious of its field of activity –the Soul, illuminates the whole body "(BG).

That is, if making a comparison applied to the current understanding, the soul can be compared to "flash drive" with unlimited capacity, but having a different quality and quantity of fullness (awareness). And so depending on the degree of awareness, it is in one body or another, and performs certain functions in the world. Such a representation makes it easier to understand the principles and the task of the evolution of the mineral kingdom, plants, animals, and so on.

In his studies made with the help of clairvoyance Charles Leadbeater described, that a hydrogen atom consists of 18 Anu (perhaps quarks in a modern interpretation). In addition, each Anu is composed of 14 billion capsules. And this is very much for recording information when you consider the following; in the film "Water" there is stated that in each water memory cell (cluster) there are 440 000 information panels, each of which is responsible for a different kind of interaction with the environment. But water clusters consist of only a few tens of molecules, and Anu of billions of capsules. Pictures of positive and negative Anu (6), from the book "Occult Chemistry" by Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant.

Img.6. Positive Anu                                                    Negative anu               

Perhaps the soul has a similar structure, but consists of energy that we can’t see or measure? Perhaps here lies the masculine and feminine beginning? As well as the beginning of the spirit and matter?

In the seventh chapter, Krishna says to Arjuna. "Of the countless number of souls only a few receive the human birth. Of the thousands of people only a few are trying their I and the supreme soul. And of the many thousands of yogis who have reached an understanding of their spiritual nature and supreme soul, few have a true perception of me - Shyamasundar. "

The location of the human soul is in the heart. But in the Fabric of the Universe I will mention later.

Now about the material energy

Krishna says: - "My material energy of this world is divided into eight parts: - earth, water, fire, air, ether, ego as a component of personality, intelligence, the primary element of the material nature (the mind)." In chapter 7, verse 4, Krishna says: "The earth (bhumi), water (apah), fire (analah), air (vayuh), ether (kham), mind (manah), intellect (buddhi), and false ego (ahankara) - all these eight parts together constitute My separated material energies. " I put them into the matrix of Saturn Square and overlaid the Seal . And here’s what I’ve got. In Fig. 7. And I compared them with an image from Vaasthu Shastra. In Fig. 8.

                 Img.7                                                               Img.8

As you can see, the position of the gods Agni, Vayu and Varuna in Image 8, corresponds to their properties from Figure 7, while the rest needs some clarifications.

I want to explain why I put the ether in the place of gravity. Because ether is a million times denser than a substance as Charles Leadbeater thought, and he well was quite versed in this matter. Therefore, logically, after the soil there has to be something denser, for example the ether. In addition, the earth, the water, the air, the fire and the ether are called the five gross creations, unlike the mind, intelligence and false ego, which are subtle energies. And here's some other words of Krishna in chapter 9, verse 6, as translated by V.S. Sementsov: "Omnipresent great wind blows constantly in the ether, as well as all the beings of Arjuna always spinning in me." So, the wind swirls in the ether, but the ether sits still. And more. Hare Krishnas, Buddhists, and others say, "The Sound of the bell" cuts the "ether." In fact, the sound is the Vibrational field, which at the node (8) interacts with Gravity (the energy of the ether). In this node the sound transforms into gravity and vice versa. (See Image 9. The Fabric of the Universe).

Img.9. The Fabric of the Universe

If you want to imagine how it works grab a glass beaker and think about what energies will pass through it. The light, the sound, the gravity, the torsion, the strong interaction, the energy of space and time? Will he change in this case? In the same way the ether, which is just the same glass for all energies and matter. I think that the structure of the Fabric of the Universe, the "walls" of its forms, are composed particularly of ether. And so it creates channels through which other energies will move. Is that a superstring???     

That is, our universe is a crystal of superdense ether (or something like "liquid crystal" like in the computer display), in which different energies are moving on their own channels, including all that we consider solid matter. Such as the electrons with "holes" in the computer's processor? And in this case, the question about why the photon, the electron, and others behave as a wave, just disappears. Because everything in the world behaves like a wave, if all has to move on channels which are intersecting the waveguides. But we have to remember that the ether is mobile and may have in some cases, the state of a liquid or a gas.  About this testifies the fact that there were other three gods (energies) subordinated to the god Yama. About this mentioned Nikola Tesla, John Keely and others.

The false ego is in place of the weak interaction because it is the most subtle and powerful energy of this world. This is the most hidden, but at the same time the most powerful force having influence on all material, including on humans (compare the influence of the torsion field (as one section of the spectrum of the weak interaction) on a person and on different materials).

Well, the mind with the intellect always go side by side, "holding hands" similar to the electric field with the magnetic field. In addition in the translation of Sri Prabhupada Ch. 18, verse 33, it says: - "O son of Prtha, unwavering determination, relentlessly maintained with the practice of yoga, and which thus controls the activity of the mind (Manah), life (Prana) and feelings (Indriya), there is a determination in your gunas virtues." That is, Manah, Prana and Indra - are combined in one incarnation - Indra. About the mind as one of the six senses (Indriyani) is referred to in Chap. 15, Verse 7. And almost all experiments on brain activity performed by modern scientists are measuring the electromagnetic parameters of the brain. And if you watch the movie "The Call of the Abyss", then you'll learn how you can use electric devices "to erase the identity" or to "change the personality" (to create a zombie). So the scientists (or rather the secret services) are already using these methods in practice. Well, as another example that the mind with the intellect are in fact electromagnetic energy, here is an excerpt from the book "Sacred Geometry" (Chapter "The Mysteries of holographic images’'): "The human nature has two forms of memory : holographic magnetic. To holographic memory we address in a modified or expanded state of consciousness. Brain waves are reduced to a state of alpha, theta or delta rhythms. When the mind is really cleared up and we can identify the quantum fluidity of mental processes, then the person gets access to the holographic memory directly within the limits of himself and within the limits of creation. The limits between space and time are eliminated. And then it takes place not a linear but an empirical access of the memory.  To magnetic memory we address mainly through the typical 3-dimensional linear method with beta oscillations of the brain. This type of memory is limited and is characterized by subjective perception. "Also on the subject I advise you to watch the movie" The Secret -3 "(or "The Rabbit Hole -2 "as it is also called). Especially the episode, which tells about an experiment with electronic devices. And ask yourself this question. Why should we so carefully protect a recording instrument with aluminum foil and grounded Faraday cage from the electric field? Below is a sequence of this episode from the movie "The Secret of -3".

A couple of things about the mind (). I have always been unsatisfied by its description in the genetic linguistics. [] - process, [] - resistance, opposition. So the Mind is the resistance to the process. In this case it is interesting teaching of Arjuna by Krishna: "O Partha, the mind sometimes acts like a friend, and sometimes like an enemy. For a man who completely has subjugated his Mind, it acts as a friend, and for those failing to do so it acts like an enemy." That is, if we do not subordinate our Mind, it will ruin our lives.

Now let's talk about Brahma.

Brahma combines three aspects of God (we can assume two energies and ...)

 Krishna says: "Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan - these are my distinct aspects."

And now, from the comments: - "Brahman is a homogeneous, formless aspect of my energy. Paramatma is the supreme soul, is also a manifestation of my energy as a fundamental factor in the relationship with the universe. But this aspect of mine does not exist forever.  Therefore, only Bhagavan - the Supreme God is eternally manifested and in this particular form there are expressed three of my endless energies: Antaranga or Chit shakti, the inner divine energy, Bahiranga or Maya Shakti - the external divine energy, part of the illusion and Tatastra or Jiva shakti – the marginal energy, consisting of innumerable living creatures." (that is, we are one type of energy and at the same time we are a personified energy (the person), as well as all other forms of energy). Such a description of Bhagavan definitely makes it confusing to understand. So who is he and where it is manifested in the Fabric of the Universe? Later, I still try to clarify it.

Brahman is the indestructible and the constant absolute truth.

From a comment: "The basic principle of Brahman, is that he has no beginning and is eternal. It is subordinated to Krishna, and is indescribable in terms of material causes and effects. This basic principle is in control of all directions and goes through everything and everyone in the universe with their hands, feet, eyes, heads, faces and ears like Parmatma, the supreme soul. Although the highest principle goes through all the senses and their objects, he is deprived of the material sensations. Although he is fully discharged, he supports all in the form of the god Vishnu, and although he is transcendental to the three Gunas of the material nature, these natural qualities serve to him. Attending inside and outside of all living creatures, this highest principle is a combination of moving and stationary things as an energy conversion. Not being perceptible by the material science because of its subtle and higher nature, he is incredibly close and incredibly far away. Being indivisible, it is present in all living beings as if divided into parts. In the same time attending as an individual personality, with every soul, and being the permanent teacher and witness of all living beings, it remains the only, indivisible, integral and omnipresent and above all God. He's in the shape of god Narayn is known as being supportive, destructive and creating all the beings.  He illuminates even the self-luminous objects, such as the Sun. He is known as the unrevealed even beyond the darkness. He alone is the underlying principle of knowledge and cognition. He is knowable above are described as knowledge. He alone is the underlying principle of knowledge and cognition. He is actually the learning with the above described methods named knowledge. He is constantly present in everyone's heart as the supreme soul - Paramatma. "

As you can see, this question is somewhat confusing. On one hand, Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan all together are defined as Brahma, on the other hand, Brahman is present in everyone's heart like Paramatma, which, incidentally, is not eternal, in contrast to the Brahman. . But if we take into consideration that Brahma is in a position that in the Fabric of the Universe belongs to space-time. And also the statement that Brahman is eternal and foresees everything in this world, and Paramatma is not eternal although is the supreme soul, and is located in the heart of every living creature, than it turns out that Brahman is the personified energy of the Space and Paramatma is the personified energy of Time. And this is very well presented in the Fabric of the Universe (epresenting a replication of the square of Saturn), or you can now refer to it as a schematic, replicated image of Vastu Shastra. Img. 9 and 10.

You have to understand that in this form The Fabric of the Universe is only a graphic representation, derived from the seal of the square of Saturn, in fact, all the links in it are manifested in the form of cones compressed to a state of pyramids. So the section 4-5-6 (photon - temporal - phonon) is represented by a line only in this scheme. In reality, it will be made of two pyramids with connected bases. That can be seen in more complex structures such as a photo of the composition of the ion structure of platinum. The fact is that in these photos the structure of the Fabric of the Universe is already manifested but with extra details. In Img. 10. "the lines" of space and time in the Fabric of the Universe. I want to clarify from the start that the construction principle of the structure of the Fabric of the Universe looks the same, both on Planck dimensions, and on the level of construction of the Universe, but only acquires additional elements during evolution.

Img.10  "the lines" of space and time in the Fabric of the Universe

This is the approximate way that Brahma is formed. The red grid (the channels) of Space is the Brahman which intersects in a fascicle with the blue grid (the channels) of Time of Paramatma. And inside the fascicle is Bhagavan.    Bhagavan - the Supreme Person who controls all the energies. He is the main manifestation of                  Vishnu (Krishna) in this world.

At the same through the channels of Time (Paramatma), in addition to the energy of time, on one side circulates the photonic-time energy (Agni) and on the other hand, the phonon-time (Vayu). These are the two Prakriti (energies of the material world). And through the channels of space (Brahman) the energies of Prakriti do not seem to move, although they intersect at nodes 2 and 8. (See Image 9. The Fabric of the universe).

Maybe these channels are only for the energy of the space and perhaps these are the paths of Bhagavan (the Spirit). The magnetic field and the strong interaction come from the nodes of the channels of Time. The weak interaction, the electric field, the vibrational field and the energy of gravity emerge from the nodes of spatial channels, while the temporal channels seem not to be affected, although they cross its cones.

For a three-dimensional representation of the elements constituting the above figures I'll present the cones from the book "Occult Chemistry" by Charles Leadbeater and the Annie Besant. Image 11. (That's how the cones and the pyramids are formed - the most common forms of the universe).


*** It seems that the ancients people knew The Fabric of the universe, otherwise, why would they designate Brahma as the wind rose (see Image 8.)?

B.G. Chapter 18, Verse 61. "The Supreme God resides in everyone's heart, O Arjuna, and directs the wanderings of all living creatures that are like in a machine (yantra) made ??of material energy (mayaya)."

From all the above we have:

  1. "Bhagavad Gita" is not just an epic narrative story how it is usually described in material sciences. This is a guidance (or "explanatory note") about the construction of our world and the interaction of living creatures with the world, made by the creator of universe.
  2. Vaasthu Shastra is a graphical application to the "Bhagavad Gita".
  3. The Fabric of the Universe and Vaasthu Shastra is the same thing.
  4. The truth of the "Bhagavad Gita" is confirmed by Vaasthu Shastra and the Fabric of the Universe.
  5. The basic meaning of the "Bhagavad Gita" by transferring its significations on the The Fabric of the Universe is the fact that a person needs to stop holding onto his senses "four" and on the objects of his senses "six", and focus on "five", the transcendental *** Brahma. This is the way to Krishna.
  6. In the third dimension, we're interacting only with those energies which are described in the Bhagavad Gita and almost do not come into contact with energies of other dimensions. Therefore, it is among these energies we need to search all of our so-called "subtle energies". Realizing that light, fire, air, water, etc., are only the end product derived from the primary principles of energy. That is, when Krishna lists eight physical energies, these are actually principles of energy. And not specifically water, air, fire, etc…

*** A little explanation to the word "transcendent."

Transcendental (from transcendens - going beyond) - connecting parts of the content located on opposite sides of a certain limit. In our case, this word allows us to understand the role and place of Purusha (the individual soul). (In contrast to the transcendent - which means either: - going beyond the possible experience, either: - outside of sensorial experience). (The difference is about the same as: - " Will I find mushrooms in the woods or not (transcendent)" and "I'll go to the store, buy and prepare a soup (transcendental)"). Purusha is in the position of 4-5-6 (the same as the Paramatma), the borderline position between rough and fine matter and connects with Bhagavan through Paramatma. (Img. 12. The linear order of the gods - energies and Soul.) But it also gives another understanding . Since we are in the center of transformation of energy into matter, then we are the co-creators. And so we are responsible for how we're transforming the energy into matter and the matter into energy. Our thoughts and desires create forms out of shapes or destroy them. So we need control over our desires, thoughts and feelings (watch the film "The Secret 1,2,3"). To put it in a simpler way, God creates through us if we’re in harmony with him, or we create all sorts of things and as always, if you do not accept him. And then we start again.

Img.12. The linear order of the gods - energies and Soul

*** You have to look at this picture as a mechanism which affects all levels of existence, from the micro level to the Universe. In this case it is easier to consider it as a micro level. In this picture is well evidenced the place of the internal energy of the god Bhagavan (here he can be considered as the Spirit manager - a Super soul). The marginal energy of Purusha (the individual soul) and its relationship with the Paramatma (the Super soul), as well as with the energies of Prakriti (the matter), Agni and Vayu (marked green). And the transitions between the other energies Prakriti (the matter).

Also based on this image it becomes clear the words of Krishna: "I am in everything" and "Worship me alone, because if you worship other gods, than you still worship me. You just doing it wrong." It's like as if he was asking us to take care of the body as a whole to maintain a good health and not only about the liver, kidneys, head, heart and other organs separately. Who knows maybe what the stomach wants is not really needed for the kidneys or spleen? If you will take care of some organs ignoring the needs of others, you’ll get an energy imbalance of the whole body and eventually a disease. Therefore, we feed the body as a whole and not organs separately. Perhaps this is the meaning of the One God. Here Krishna as a manifestation of Vishnu, is shown with a dotted line.

And in general think about a simple question. If you are The Soul consisting of the spiritual energy of God, not just of the material principle, how can you change yourself to worship a light bulb (Indra), or a candle (Agni), and other energies? They are actually your servants, because you are closer to God than they are. And through you, God creates the world using the energies of the gods. How was it possible to exchange the service of the Creator for caption of the manifestations of material nature? What is the worth of Matter without The Soul? Who and why you need a dead body or fallen leaves?

I understand what reaction will cause all the above written for the usual "normal" (rather limited) individual. So I will give a little more "abnormal" facts. Somewhere about five years ago I came across an article on the internet about N. Tesla. There it was written that he was a yogi and called the gods of the Hindu pantheon with his devices. All but Brahma (now it's clear why.) The monks and others from India visited him to talk to these gods. Back then I found this information to be full of nonsense and of course I did not even save the article. But I should of. Now I can't found it anymore. But the idea that Tesla was a yogi, allowed me to adopt a different approach for understanding how he created some of his devices, when I navigated to a site with photographs of statues of Indian Gods at an auction. And I saw an interesting photo of a statue of Indra (electric energy). Image 13.

Now, those who understand anything in CT (Tesla Coil) please compare the posture (asana) of Indra with the location of "the primary " (feet, including the direction of the turn), "the secondary" (the chest) and " the charging wires" (the hands). And we must remember that to questions to Tesla if he believes in God, he answered yes. It's just that this God refers to the Vedic pantheon.


What is all this necessary? For the fact that, if we’ll know the rules of this world, then we will act reasonably in our relation to God, to ourselves and to nature. And understanding correctly the origin and transformation of energy, we will considerably simplifying the methods of its production and use. It can be taken from anywhere in any quantity. How Tesla did. Our limits due to gravity, electromagnetic energy with weak and strong interactions, just seriously cut down the version of this world. The Fabric of the Universe expands the perception of the world, facilitates the understanding of transformation and interaction of energies and gives guidelines for the development of new technologies.

Many times I was worried about a question. Do I have the right to report such a revelation being unprepared. And many times I was feeling restraint somewhat to write or even concentrate on reading the "Bhagavad Gita" and other Vedic texts. And in this case, I left everything and started to meditate on the Ajna Chakra or to say Maha-mantra. Then after five to seven minutes, the obstacles were retreating, my mind cleared, and I had new knowledge, more accurate and clear. That was in fact the answer.

And another thing. Why did I showed so much attention  to the "Bhagavad Gita". Because Krishnaism is based on the most ancient religion of Brahmanism in which there was no such confusion like in other religions. In order to demonstrate the superiority of Brahmanism over other religions and the resulting Krishnaism, I scanned here a scheme from the book "Occultism" by Papus (Kiev, "Vakler" 1993).Img.14.

In this scheme it is pretty well reflected the origin of the all the major religions and different religious and philosophical currents. Thus, it is evident that the worship of Rama has been widely common in the world for more than 10 000 years ago, and in various forms has reached our days. It is also interesting that the Tradition of the red (Atlantidis) had three regional centers: - is present, India, Egypt, Europe (Italy). It is natural to assume that they had a culture and of course writing, for passing on the original knowledge.

And later, the manuscripts have been replaced by others by the castes of priests, hiding the precious knowledge from the uninitiated. This, in fact, is theft of knowledge from the people and a betrayal of God. Prometheus brought the fire of knowledge to people and various priests took it as being their own and passing it as an inherited property.

And most of all this happened because of the so-called split of Pali. When prince Irshu proposed the superiority of feminine (the Matter) (sensorial) beginning over the masculine (the Spirit), and demolish the relationship with God the Creator. But because he failed to hold on to power, the outcome of his actions made his supporters to leave the territory of India. Then they took the red color as their symbol, while supporters of the masculine beginning took the masculine white. And look at the scheme, where did they went, what areas they demolished or occupied. And why for many of them Indra (senses) become higher than Brahma (exaltation)? And at the same time think about who in our modern days continues their work. Carrying peace in a world of lies and chaos.

Also, on the basis of this scheme, you should think about the connection of Odin with the Vedic knowledge and the origin of his 24-rune-energy (alignment in three rows of eight Runes). Does Shamanism or Brahmanism gives the basis of the runes?

It is also interesting that at the beginning of our era in a big part of Europe and Asia began the active movement of magicians (see Img. 14). Is this shamanism or not? But for some reason combined and organized? After that period there was a rapid decline in the understanding of the world order because of the destruction of knowledge and the degradation of moral principles. So the memory of the continents of America and Australia quickly vanished. Also about the Structure of the Universe. A lot of opposing religions appeared. And the world was rapidly sinking into obscurity and mediocrity.


Some reflections.

I think the statement of Krishna, that: "Brahman is present in everyone's heart as a mentor and witness of all the actions" suggests that, primarily - he is our conscience, and secondly it confirms my conclusions mentioned earlier in article "The Geometry of the Unified Field" that is was actually from the space-time interaction that Edgar Cayce received his "readings" known as "The Akashic Records". And from there is taken the information about future events. That is, the conscience can be compared with GPS-navigator. The route is traced, but we due to the external or internal reasons we deviate from it and this is recorded (we always feel in our heart) and then we have to testify, why we have acted the way we did. Let me show you one more little observation. In Image (7), of Vaasthu Shastra, the names of the energies are written as they sound in Sanskrit. And in the box for Fire is written - analah. Now think about it. The Element of the Christian religion is water, the Element of the Muslim religion - fire and the god is called Allah. Is this a coincidence? Hazard? And if we remember that for many centuries before Islam in these areas has been popular the Zoroastrianism with fire-worshiping, would it still be a coincidence? Further think for yourself who worships who. The One Almighty God, or... ?

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