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Janibekov’s Effect

Valery P. Kondratov.
December 5, 2011

Recently, my brother sent me a link on a film “Janibekov’s Effect”,& this effect surprised me a lot.

Already I supposed smth like this exist in energy interaction in the Universe substance, cause in November 2009 I drew energy rotation cone in TM vectors with same polarity changing in 180 degrees (shown in the end of the article).

But we were tought, that gravitation in million times weaker than any other energies, & shows its power only on a massive scale. But “an apple fall on a head” still available. So I kept it for later.

I guess time has come.

After my usual attempt to understand John Worrell Keely’s tehnology, I made some drafts in my diary of this energy principles of its “unreasonable” rotation mechanism. & in corroboration I got this film about “Janibekov’s Effect”.

Generally, such behavior of moving objects in the Universe substance already programmed in its anisotropy. &  has a great influence on moving objects in Solar system. They all located in same plane, & their spin axises directed towards same side. It looks like the Sun & planets submit some outer polarizing force. There known many facts of polarity changing in geological history of the Earth. Just same effects like in this film. So such version quite possible in 2012, if Earth gets into definite energy field.

So, it seems that gravity component exposure exerts much more influence on moving objects, than it was expected from classic expositions, etc.  Again must admit that current scientific opinion isn’t correct. & you must trust more to your own conclusions & intuition (instinct).

So what happens with revolving bodies under structure influence of the Universe substance? I recommend to watch this short film with a shuttle. It shows the interaction of energies in TM. I found it in Youtube from smb named sergsh11. I don’t know, where he got it & whose the shuttle is, but it seems that it’s real from the burning sides of the shuttle entering the dense atmosphere layers.

Film 1. The shuttle.

To mention that principle of the Universe substance extand to all levels in Universe, from Planck's dimension to the Universe. It only “calibrates” objects in order of its parameters. It means that atoms will obey  to microlevel TM, space objects-to macrolevel.

Here I present in sketchy form what was shown in the film & what I would like to check (pic. 1,2,3):

In 1st line it shows shuttle rotation across flight axis, like a “thread cutting” & across gravitation axis. After 3rd circuit “turning head over heels” happens in gravitation cell (rhomb 9-8-9-8) in 180 degrees (1st line).

In 2nd line it shows rotation lengthwise gravitation axis, like a “hanging shuttle from the nose” (gravitation axis perpendicular to the Earth, but “turning head over heels” doesn’t appear.

In 3rd line it shows turning lengthwise flight axis, like a “turning wheel on the road”, & across gravitation axis. Again we can see “turning wheel on the road” after 3rd circuit in gravitation cell.

In 4th line it shows our experiment with turning wings parallel to the Earth. Like a “hanging shuttle from the back”. Dispite max imbalance, circuit mustn’t appear. Such experiment will “through in trash” any mechanistic explanations.


Gravitation, together with vibration field, makes a cell in the Universe substance. It’s shown on the picture by red rhomb 9-8-9-8, & there must appear rotation changes of electric field in 180 degrees. Such overturn must appear from weak interaction between torsion & electric field. But here appears only rotation change of vibration field in 180 degrees.

Pic. 2.


Pic. 3.

Basing on the fact that atom cover consists of electrons, but not of positrons in our world, we can suppose that here happens “electric type” circuit in gravitation field’s cell. In antiworld everything could be different.

Approximately, such energy vortex must be turning in the center of the cell.



Now I’ll show a fragment of my vector sketch about energy rotation in the Universe substance (November 2009). Sorry, but I can’t stand writing all this curves in computer programmers.

This sketch shows the reason of formation the spherical bodies (not the flat figures) of the space objects like the Sun, the Earth, etc. Also it demonstrates us the polarity changing in each energy chanel.


December 7, 2011

P.S. On the back side of my sketch paper I found “hexactinal”. It reminds me that there must come vertical cones from the cells with center 4 &6. Smaller cones must come from special cells with center 5, but we won’t mention this yet.

I’ll leave previous sketch, cause it demonstrate energy vector direction under the vertical cone.

But I made 1 more sketch. Here, nice “hexactinals” & “antihexactinals” show the forms of metagalaxies, which I saw in N.Levashov’s book “Last appeal to the mankind” 1,5 years ago.

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