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Geometry of a uniform field

Valery P. Kondratov
july-august 2009

«The nature always builds the form and number». E.P.Blavatskaya


The preface

      Studying of an origin of writing type of «÷åðò è ðåç» has led me to necessity to study energies from which the Fabric of the Universe consists. It has allowed to understand a principle of Geometry of a uniform field of our regularity, and also a principle of construction of geometry of fields of other dimensions. It was possible to co-ordinate interrelation energies and matter conditions in the third dimension and to track main principles of an overflowing of substance and energies between the second, third and fourth dimensions. But the main thing that very long time ago someone very-very wise has managed to code our world in only nine figures. This code was always known to mankind and even was somehow used for predictions and to that similar, but to open the true value became only on the Fabric of the Universe. The worlds of other regularities are coded by other quantity of figures making magic squares. Thus, since the fourth dimension the worlds can be parallel with various properties because are under construction differently depending on an arrangement of figures in a magic square. And all it has something in common with the theory of superstrings and holographicity of our world because in the smallest are already put bases. In this article there are the first results of researches.

The content
    1. Object and the research reason.
    2. Construction of Geometry of a uniform field of the third measurement and interaction of fields.
    3. Confirmations found in «Occult chemistry» Ñ. Leadbeater and in structure of a crystal lattice of platinum.
    4. Other dimensions and their characteristics.
    5. The interaction of the third dimension with the second and the fourth.
    6. A sound the basic architect of a universe.
    7. A little about superstrings.
    8. The Sonoluminescence.
    9. And again about writing.

Object of research.

fig 1. The square of Saturn
      The initial object of research was the so-called the Square of Saturn or the Square Lo Shu in the Chinese tradition (Fig. 1).
      As the reason of research of this square was the desire to find a matrix of tracings of uniform writing which has been extended on the Earth at the time of Atlantis and remains of which are traced in written signs of later cultures, up to runic letters of the recent past
      Therefore the further researches have passed to a grid made of the Square of Saturn which I named as the Fabric of the Universe (Fig. 2). It is in detail described in my article «The Basis of writing of the Fabric of the Universe».
      I carry the signs type of «÷åðòû è ðåçû» to such writing. The attempt to systematise their arrangement on the Fabric of the Universe (Fig. 3) on the basis of "The Beginning of gene linguistics» G.S.Grinevich, has led to necessity to build in system of energy and the conditions of substance operating in the Fabric of the Universe.

fig.2 The Fabric of the Universe.

      For this purpose to each numeral has been appropriated certain energy or a condition that has created here such drawing (Fig. 4) has been appropriated. This drawing co-ordinates together all known energies and their interaction and adds new interactions (fotonno-time and fononno-time), plus opens understanding that the sound, is arranged like an electromagnetic field, i.e. consists of two vibrating and strong fields. Shows the general knots of a sound and gravitation, and so as at electric field and weak interaction. And consequently possibility of their mutual transformations through these knots. The Geometry of a uniform field has turned out.

fig. 3 Attempt of arrangement of signs on writing on a grid.

      In my opinion, the problem of understanding of principles of action of power fields scientists consists in aspiration to generalize them. For example: under the electricity understand at once three forces: - electric field, a magnetic field and movement of electrons. And now also there drag in weak interaction and also names all it «electroweak interaction».The heads are in a muddle from this.

fig. 4 Geometry of a uniform field.

      The same concerns a sound. As I have understood in its nature no one plainly understand, because nowhere in the Internet have found articles about sound decomposition on components (fields) though to it have invented up quantum - Fonon. And, as a matter of fact, the sound also as well as «electroweak interaction» consists of the same quantity of components: a vibrating field, strong interaction, gravitation and the carrier (probably positron).
      For the short description of values of fields Table 1 is made. From this table follows that the gravitational field is counteracted with weak interaction, and to the electromagnetic duet undercurrent a sound duet. These interactions are carried out on walls or in an existential matrix (Logosa, Spirit), except for electric field transition in magnetic and vibrating in the strong. Probably, the reason of these transitions limits, a velocity of light is 300 000 km/s, necessity of due to rotate this field carrier. Maybe and the sound has similar limits of speed. It is assured that the sound, as well as an electromagnetic wave, can easy extend in vacuum (aether), it is necessary to find corresponding frequencies simply.

Table 1. The table of values of fields

      All it has allowed me to accept the concept of that all power interactions take place in the radio environment and this environment has accurate structure similar to a crystal. In this structure there are particles of which it consists also they are responsible for all kinds of interactions. It has reminded me about existence of "Occult chemistry" by Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant in which is described the practice of clairvoyance the smallest indivisible particles of our world - Anu.

      Small deviation: I understand mistrust to an occultism of people who has got used the giving of the academic knowledge, but it only because occult knowledge in many outstrips academic on hundreds years, even presently. For example, not so long ago the science has spat out of the person's aura and charkas which are perfectly described in C. Leadbeater's work "Charkas". Now only the over boor will doubt their existence. It is also with "Occult chemistry" (I recommend very much to perusal).
      Having started to investigate air structure in 1895, C.Leadbeater has described Tritium while Helium has not been opened at all, but Deuterium has been open by Americans only in 1932. Well to talk about the smallest particles of our world which he has investigated, has described their structure and behavior and named Anu. Any super - collider, even in three hundred years cannot give understanding about their structure and power. Scientists having invented monocentric model of the atom again have returned to polycentrism which is detailed described in «Occult chemistry».
      The occult chemistry has appeared so interesting that I have decided to place some heads from it on my site.

Behavior of these particles (Anu) (Fig. 5) (It is taken from www.kosmoritm.narod.ru , from kind permission of A.S. Zosin)shows better the interactions energies in Geometry of a uniform field. I assume that the role of positive and negative Anu plays a positron and electron but while in the description of process I will leave the name of Anu.


fig. 5. Anu.

What are particles characteristic by? The citation from «Occult chemistry»:
           We observed that the chemical atom can be divided into less compound particles, those, in turn, share for less compound, and last also suffer crushing. After the third crushing is executed, the fourth gives primary physical atom of Anu. It can disappear from the plan, but not in a condition undergoes to the further crushing in this plan. In this primary condition of a physical matter have been allocated two types of units, or Anu. They are similar in everything; both keep a direction of their spirals and forces which flow through them. The difference consists only that in the first case force streams "outside" - from the fourth dimension or the astral plan and, passing through Anu, enters into the physical world. In the second case, the force which has joined from the physical world, proceeding through Anu, "is sucked in" by it stops to exist on the physical plan. One Anu is similar to water on which there are vials; another is similar to an aperture in which water disappears. Anu which force leaves, we name positive or male and in which it disappears, negative or female. …
           … Anu can be observed while there are three basic whirlwinds, independent of any force, influencing from the outside. These whirlwinds constantly rotate on their axis, like an external part. They generate small circles round the axis as though the axis of whirligig would become an axis of Anu. Anu regularly pulses, being reduced and extending, like a heartbeat. When force is from the outside enclosed, Anu "dances" upwards and downwards, rushing from outside aside, executes the most surprising and fast circulation, but three fundamental whirlwinds attend. It is necessary that Anu could vibrate as a whole with one of seven base colors which set spirals....

      And so having placed positive Anu (radiating) in a cell with the centre (6), and negative (absorbing) in a cell with the centre (4) we will consider the processes occurring in the Fabric of the Universe.

      The space-time as though is walls (membranes) of all processes proceeding in the Fabric of the Universe. It differentiates energies and substance, interferes their mixing, transfers from one kind of energies in others or energies in substance and also unites during this time. Inherently the space-time represents crystal structure and put the beginning.

      All transformations of energies occur in knots of crossing of space-time, and energy transition in substance and return process, in places loop of space-time with passage through it.

      In the same time the spectral (frequency) structure of a field (interaction) varies depending on a thickness of a radio wedge in a place of its crossing, approximately as passage of a ray of light through a prism.

      The prospective mechanism of interactions:
- From the 4th dimension through (9) the signal comes in the form of a gravitational wave (9-8), about requirement for substance. In knot (8) this signal is transformed by knot of space-time (5-5) to a vibrating (sound) wave (8-7), which come on a cover of a cell (6) (positive Anu) increasing by this rotation of strong interaction. Rotation of strong interaction (6) starts rotation of weak interaction (torsion fields) on the section (1-2) that leads to extraction of substance and energy from the second dimension by pass to which is (1). It strengthens weak interaction which in knot (2) will be transformed through space-time to electric field (2-3), and that influences a cell (4) (negative Anu) accelerating rotation of a magnetic field (4) that leads to energy transition in substance through existential loop on a section (4-5-6). All it is like a lightning principle, in the earth strikes the leader (an operating signal), and the lightning back strikes.
The analogy of structure of space-time with the crystal has led me to desire to find its confirmation, and it has not kept waiting itself for long time.
Wandering in «Occult chemistry», above placed on mentioned site, I have come on the chapter XIV “Catalysis and crystallization" where Leadbeater describes the supervision of a diamond structure (Fig. 6)
And in spite of the fact that he has represented a square in a cell, instead of an octahedron, it is easily to recognize the structure of the Fabric of the Universe, plus is shown specification of cell structure of space-time (A). And in the description of the given drawing it is readable.
«All molecule (diamond) as I have already spoken, the smoothed octahedron and certainly eight its sides - triangles. But in the middle of each of eight sides to be more precise to tell the single floating atom soars. It is outside at right angle to a triangle, leaving its centre. The bottom part of a triangle almost mentions the central part of its side. …... Thus, without eight floating atoms of carbon, the form of a molecule of diamond would be the smoothed octahedron, but atoms simulate a small lifting of the centre of a triangle and the departing lines from this centre to each corner of a triangle are extended, forming three very extended triangles. Such twenty four triangles form triacsoctahedron.» (Fig. 7)

Fig. 6 The diamond structure (With red I have designated borders of an existential cell and has planned a vertical prism, and with dark blue has designated a cell which in my drawing occupies Anu.)

Fig. 7 The triacsoctahedron (a diamond unit)(Occult chemistry)
      Diamond is known as the strongest material. And maybe known mostly by its copying of structure of the Fabric of the Universe, and harmoniously corresponds to it.

      Except this confirmation of correctness of the Fabric of the Universe I managed to make some more things. In books and on sites about crystals and chemistry there are often found a photo of an ionic lattice of metals, for example, platinum. (Fig. 8)

Fig. 8 The photo of an ionic lattice of platinum

      Unfortunately, I always met this image with the single centre, as in this drawing. Therefore have decided to continue it, for what took this photo and so has multiplied it. (Fig. 9.). And what we see now. We see the Fabric of the Universe, but of course at higher level of construction.

      I have done some measurements on the similar combined picture. Having measured ratio of the cross-section size of a single cell (A) to cross-section distance of pair opposite cells (B) have received such result:-31,5 mm - the size of section of a single cell, - 102 mm the size between two cells, their ratio - 3,238 times or the doubled Golden section (1,618), or the doubled number phi at ratio 89/55=1,618. *** (Tests were made on other drawing)

      It is natural that thus made tests can be considered farfetched but if they will be made by those who has the corresponding equipment, most likely, will receive the same result.

      I assume that this proportion (the doubled Golden section) is traced on all levels of construction of substance. It means that the single cell also should consist of blocks, which are multiple of this proportion, well and upwards it is the same.

Fig. 9. The combined photo of a lattice of platinum.

      It is necessary to understand that all plans (dimensions) of life are not somewhere in other Universe, but in the same space, as ours, but are separated from us by energy barriers. And transition of energy and substance from one plan for another it is not something especial, it is a norm which occurs at all levels, from atomic to the galactic. That is, this point (.) already contains all dimensions. All difference consists in quantity and quality energies and conditions of substance making this or that plan (dimension). The higher plan there are more kinds of energies and construction is more difficult.

      It suggests that the basic problem of physicists in construction of the Uniform field consists in that they have brought a heap of particles from other dimensions and now look at all this "strange" brothel with "the fascinated" eyes and try to understand, how the piece with the motor from a motorcycle, the screw from a trawler, caterpillars from a tractor and a body from BMW can fly. Nowise.

The geometry of other dimensions

      Probably, the geometry of one-dimensional space is Anu or a particle with which it is similar.
The geometry of two-dimensional space has four energy-conditions (Fig. 10) which basic types are presumably presented weak, electric and magnetic. The basic material object is a proton and maybe the first and the second row of a periodic table of Mendeleev. The basic geometrical form is a tetrahedron and a sidereal tetrahedron.
*** As this square did not meet anywhere earlier, it was necessary to invent it. Therefore I named it the Square of the Earth.

Fig. 10 The geometry of two-dimensional space.

      The geometry of four-dimensional space has sixteen conditions of energy. From this dimension the order of figures arrangement in squares can vary that allows to create the parallel worlds with different properties (Fig. 11 The basic construction, fig. 12 The parallel construction of the 4th dimension). The basic figure of this measurement is a cube. It is called The Square of Jupiter.

Fig. 11 The geometry of four-dimensional space

Fig. 12 The 4th parallel dimension.

      The geometry of five-dimensional space contains twenty five conditions of energy. The basic figure did not define. The image of the core square construction (a Fig. 13) is brought, but there are also other constructions which give parallel worlds. This square is called the Square of Mars.
*** Here and further will be painted only the part of lines tracing the basic geometrical forms.

Fig. 13 The geometry of five-dimensional space.

      The geometry of six-dimensional space contains thirty six conditions of energy. The basic figure did not define. Of course there are parallel constructions. It called the of the Sun. (Fig. 14)

Fig. 14 The geometry of six-dimensional space.

      The geometry of seven-dimensional space contains forty nine conditions of energy. The figure was not defined. It is called the Square of Venus. (Fig. 15)

Fig. 15 The geometry of seven-dimensional space.

      The geometry of eight-dimensional space contains sixty four dimensions. The figure was not defined. It is called the Square of Mercury. (Fig. 16).

Fig. 16 The geometry of eight- dimensional space

      The geometry of nine-dimensional space contains eighty one conditions of energy. The figure was not defined. It is called The Square of the Moon. (Fig. 17)

Fig. 17 The geometry of nine-dimensional space.

The interaction of the third dimension with the second and the fourth.

      Interaction of different dimensions reminds the work of factory with several workshops where in each following workshop, the product takes place additional treatment getting more and more difficult qualities. But thus from higher dimensions, in bottom, the operating signal arrives.
      Energy and substance come to us from the second dimension, pass additional complication (evolution) and then go to the fourth dimension. This rule allows to create oversolitary energy sources and substances of different types, thereby breaking the law of conservation of energy and substance.
      By my supposition in the third dimension from the second comes weak and electromagnetic interactions, for example as sparks of the various nature, from the electrostatic discharge from a hairbrush to lightning, etc., and in space scales this energy is delivered by stars. (This effect is used for energy increase in devices type of Testatik, vortical installations, etc.).
      The substance basically comes as clusters from atoms of the first, the second and probably third row of the table of Mendeleev. First of all, it is hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, thus probably nitrogen passes at once stable connection of silicon. That is possible, it is displayed at Fig. 18 (it is taken from the book of my friend S.I.Sukhonos «The Scale Harmony of the Universe www.suhonos.ru»).
      Confirmation of that is the occurrence of ozone and soot at spark discharge or at burning of copper wires by the big currents as short circuit (it seems, Bolotov was engaged in it)
(*** It would be interesting to make experiences on detection SiO2 as a result of burning of copper wires in vacuum). (maybe that's why Clem has established the oil filter, in his over solitary engine for filtering which generates soot and silicates). The weight atomic cluster is equal to weights neutral boson (96 milliroentgen) or (+,-) boson (85 milliroentgen). For carbon clusters it means that boson with weight 96 milliroentgen consist of eight atoms and represents the sidereal tetrahedron, and boson with weight 85 milliroentgen consist of seven atoms of carbon representing an octahedron with additional atom in a figure and an additional proton or an anti-proton.

Fig. 18 The stability of nuclear kernels.

      In our three-dimensional space there is a complication of substance in stars and planets to heavier elements, up to the transuranium.
      The energy and substance are transferred from us in the fourth dimension with help of gravitation of black holes. The energy has not revealed, but seems that it is electromagnetic field, and calculation of definition of weights of transferred elements has shown that their weights begin from 204 milliroentgen. Having placed one after another all elements of the table of Mendeleev, I have received the following graph (Fig. 19).Which has shown presence of an abnormal platform in this place Tl, Pb, Bi, Po, At.(À). The second anomaly was showed in area Ar, K, Ca, (Â), possibly it is one of tunnels of transition of substance in the fourth dimension but it still should be investigated. Other calculations have shown that last element still concerning to the third dimension, is 99 element (Es) Einsteinium. After this element the energies of the third dimension don't suffice anymore for substance deduction, it is necessary the energy of the fourth dimension.

Fig. 19 The graph of change of nuclear weights.
      The indirect confirmation can be a moving to higher regularity,one-nuclear iridium in David Hudson's experience at achievement of temperature 850 Celsius. Devices register it as disappearance.

Sound - the basic architect of the Universe

      In formation of all structures of the universe, the great value has the sound (phonon - vibrating and strong interactions). Experiences on formation of three-dimensional structures with help of the sound were spent by Hans Jenny (Fig. 20).

Fig. 20 The formation of structures by a sound.
The basic sound which makes space objects comes to us through black holes from the fourth dimension.
Black holes can radiate sound waves. (The information from a site of compulenta).
With help of orbital telescope Chandra the American astronomers observed for the first time the sound waves proceeding from "a black hole", and even have defined the note which collapsar announces. Within 53 hours scientists observed the radiation which started from "a black hole" in a galaxy of constellation of Perseus (about 250 million light years from the Earth). According to astronomers, the discovery of sound intergalactic waves will help to understand, why the heated gas in the galactic centre does not cool down during ten billions years.

At the left X-radiation from a galaxy in constellation of Perseus, on the right the scheme of distribution of sound waves from a black hole.

"Sound waves, passing through gas, give it a part of their energy", - has assumed the astrophysicist of the American space agency (NASA) Kim Weaver.
Waves got to be found out because of the technique of processing of the images, allowing to display the slightest changes in light exposure of a gas cloud. According to calculations, "the black hole" utter the note, corresponding a si-flat, and on 57 octaves below the first octave (for comparison, the keyboard of a standard piano covers seven octaves). According to Steve Allen from the Cambridge institute of astrophysics, these waves can be a key to understanding of secret of galaxies growth. The energy consisting in waves, corresponds to total energy of 100 million supernew stars.

      It is natural that the sound should extend in an aether in that case (i.e. in vacuum by scientific) and its speed should be not below a velocity of light. Indirect to the confirmation has been received in more low brought experiment.

Physicists have heard a superlight sound (from materials of site Lenta. ru)

The American physicists have shown that light can be "overtaken", without breaking fundamental physical principles. Joel Mobley from the University of the State of Mississippi has put experiment where a sound had to compete with light. Strictly, the subject doesn’t go about sound waves, and about their group speed - the formal mathematical characteristic which shows how the "crest" of a wave package moves fast. "Usual” that is phase, speeds of a sound (in air) and light approximately differ in a million times. In experiment of Mobley to "accelerate" a high-frequency sound, it has been passed through small capacity with water where have been weighed 400 thousand microscopic plastic spheres. At avoidance of obstacles there is a dispersion of waves, in other words waves of various frequency are slowed down or accelerated separately. As it was found out, owing to it their group speed increases on five usages and becomes more velocity of light.

The Illustration from a site gregegan.customer.netspace.net.au: group speed of a package and phase speeds of separate waves

      Notice that in the Fabric of the Universe a role of microspheres carry out Anu and consequently movement of a sound is above a velocity of light this is norm. Otherwise how to be pulled out to a sound from a black hole if for this light doesnt have speed. Simply we still should learn to fix and use sound distribution on air.

      The interesting picture confirming octahedron elements of the Fabric of the Universe (it is similar to a pyramid at a sight from above or rune of Dagaz). And it is natural confirmation of that only the sound could generate such structure.

The observed fog in an infra-red range reminds a huge shining box in the sky with a bright white internal kernel. Dying star MWC 922 is in the centre of system and throws up in space of an interior

Fig. 22 The Octahedron in the space.
from opposite poles.After MWC 922 will let out in the space the part of material, it will be compressed in the dense star body known as the white dwarf, hidden in clouds of the rests (Fig. 22)

The Sonoluminescence

      Some decades scientists are perplexed by an obscure phenomenon “sonoluminescence”. Since that this phenomenon was observed in 1934 by G. Frenzel and G. Schulte at research of behaviour of a sea acoustic radar.
      From 1995 to nowadays S. Patterman is also engaged in this research.       Essence of these experiments is in the following: the spherical glass flask is filled with water and vibrates per of two loudspeakers, which are directed to the sphere centre. Then the tiny vial of air is brought in the centre sphere. This vial begins to compress and widen. At compression the vial emit blue light. Each time the vial is compressed till 1/100 000 initial sizes with frequency hundred million part of second, letting out energy in billion times more, than could receive from sound waves.

Fig. 23 The scheme of sonoluminescence.

      Now let’s see how it looks like on the Fabric of the Universe (fig. 23).
      The sound (vibrating) wave (the section 7-8) in knot (8) transfers the energy to gravitation and on a section (8-9) there is the strong gravitational compression leading to collapse of a cell (4). During time of collapse is repeatedly accelerated rotation of a magnetic field of this cell, and in a consequence of its repeated reduction it almost completely passes in a running electric wave raising an electromagnetic wave in surrounding cells (i.e. Light). Roughly it is so.

A little about superstrings

      It is known that the theory of superstrings can exist only in the ten-dimensional space-time containing nine spatial dimensions and one temporal. And later it has been brought to 11-dimensional structure. Besides, in the theory of superstrings it is infringed the law of conservation of energy. On the Fabric of the Universe we have 11 conditions of energy (it would be still quite good to look narrowly at quantity of spirals in Anu, the number is 10), except transitions between dimensions explain a cause of infringement of the law of conservation of energy and substance. The basic objects for regularity above the first in this theory are the membranes. Two-dimensional objects are named 2-branes, three-dimensional - 3-branes and so to nine. (I have described eight dimensions if to add Anu then it will be nine) One-dimensional strings prove in the form of elementary particles and can freely move between branes if their ends are closed or will be fixed on branes if their ends are free. Thus both ends of such strings are always fixed or on same brane, or on two branes, and not necessarily identical dimension (i.e. this is power transitions in regularity and between regularities).

And again about writing

           Proceeding from described above, I can assume that in the ancient time at Atlas and Aryans there was the uniform sign system transferring concepts as, for example, as nowadays system of SI. And consequently it was so widespread. And this system, first of all, allowed including archetypes of consciousness for direction of a reality of that time. But even now its echoes work if to trust runes. Because a basis for it is the Fabric of the Universe. Besides, singing of runes (Perun), in a combination to visualisation, is vibrating (i.e. Creating) contact with the Universe for its programming to achievement of the necessary purposes.

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