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Why Egyptians needed their temples?

Valery P. Kondratov.
November 25, 2011.

There is a good phrase in the film “Secret-3”  about how Rene Descartes invented dualism, following which science start to own “apparernt” & church - “invisible”. But what does “invisible” mean, if not only religious? & why does science ignore it?

My answer is primitive: “apparernt” is light, “invisible” is sound. Science kept electrons for itself, & church – positrons. Because you always observe devices for work with sound in Egyptian temple technology researches. This technologies based on positronica, but not electronics.

Electronics also exist in Egyptian technologies. You can see it on the picture of nilemeter from Elephantine island. It was found by French in the beginning of the 19th century, before the most buildings on this island was ruined in the end of the 19th century (Pic.1 French nilemeter). I Found this picture in Peter Tompkin’s book “Secrets of the great Cheops pyramid” Centrpoligraph publishment, p.67.

I think, they ruined most of the buildings on the island when started to build power stations on the rivers. They found this ancient technical buildings & thought that smth like this already existed in Egypt in the times of pharaohs. So following this idea they destroyed buildings to free themselves from explanations to the people. The now existing nilemeter unlike the others on the French picture (Photo 1, found in Internet).

When I saw the 1st time this French picture 4 years ago, I thought it was a glitch. But not long time ago I found a website www.disvel.ru in Internet. There is a nilemeter description: “There is a flood risk for Egyptian lands, when water rise above 18 elbows. Officials announce about this fact & assigned boys run & shout :“People! Beware of god, cause water reached the top of the dam, holding back the river”. & fear takes hold over people, & they start to pray & give alms…”

Usual elbow equal to 46 centimeter, but royal elbow approximately equal to 52 centimeter. So at the height of 18 elbows dam will be 9-10 meters heigh (~ 11 meters with the roof). If you look at the picture 1, you’ll get the feeling it’s such a height.

Pic.1. French nilemeter. This nilemeter was found by French on the Elephantine island near Siena town. It was used by ancient Egyptians for measuring water level with the rise of the Nile during the floods. Level marking was executed in elbows, which approximately equal to the royal Memphis elbow meaning.

Looking at the context, it looks like a mini hydro power, but without hydroelectric generator, only with an installation place for it, horizontal shaft for water drain & a big shut off stone in the end.

Moreover, the impression is that horizontal shaft & the top (roof) were made of cast concrete. Also you can see same shape of vertical shaft bending in modern dams.

So why did pharaohs need electricity in an industrial scale? Moreover, where did they find turbines? It’s needed serious technical base for all this. But nobody still find any factories of turbine & generator manufacture. Then, it was brought ready. I guess, electricity they used for preparing temple’s construction materials. I recommend you to watch “Secrets of Ancient Egypt” film.

So why does people & gods need temples? & where did all this gods disappear? Were they replaced by others?

I suggest you to compare the French nilemeter with other existed dam’s sketches.

Pic. 2.                                                                            Pic. 3.

Photo 1.

So, Egyptians had enough electricity. Then where all this disappeared? Why it was forgotten? Maybe smb helped it to be forgotten on purpose? Maybe, by manipulating people’s opinion,or by killing & destroying people & their knowledge.

There are such facts in history. For example, there is a story about Hypatia of Alexandria. She was beautiful & modest, worked as a teacher of maths & philosophy. But she was captured & killed by crazy Christians at the commandment of St. Kirill, bishop of Alexandria.

Pic. 5. The massacre of Hypatia.

Another fact is the famous Alexandria library, which was destroyed on purpose by a crowd of crazy Christians with the order of Christian emperor Theodosius in 389, because everything ancient was pagan for them, means sinful.

I wonder, who & for what reason needed to make fools of the mankind? & where did they get proper technologies? Who was bothered by the evolution of mankind? What creatures wanted to see a flock of lambs of fools in earthlings?

My questions are not empty. You can’t refer everything to Kali-yuga, which bring the period of stupidity & degradation itself. If, according to the law of physics, every type of energy has its source & carrier, than degradation must to have it too. Who are these creatures? & why do they hate humankind so much? & why don’t we have any immunity against them? Why are they subjected us to themselves?

I can tell you, how they do it.  Simply, for dumbing down a lot of people need special equipment. Such as modern TV set, for example. Something, that brings information with the help of any kind of energy. & this information – energetic mixture, somehow should be placed in human sub consciousness. Earlier, they used a sound for hypnosis technology. There was a sound in radio till the middle of the last century. Than it was united with the image in TV set. In ancient times they couldn’t hypnotize in each house personally, that’s why they made it on public. Such places still exist & even used, & they called temples.

Egyptian temples plans amazed me a lot, when 4 years ago I found M. Murray’s book “Egyptian temples” Centpoligraph Publishment. They have a website, so you can find electronic versions of the books there.

I was amazed by temple’s similarity with some sort of technical building. I understood how it was working with the help of the picture 6: Dendur temple. Its principal is such: a room, cutted in the rock, turns into a room constructed of block (reed oval). These rooms serve as a source of energy in the form of infrasound on the frequency of Shumann resonance (7,8 Hz), derived from the continental plates of the planet, i.e. from the stone rocks. Shumann resonance effects very good on the brain, cause coincides with its alpha rhythms, with the state of inhibition & suggestibility. All prayers of all the worlds religious systems are pronounced exactly at this frequency (same was mentioned in the film “Water”). Further subsonic ray hits the thick wall of the “holy of holies” (“radio room” marked with a star), where the entrance is allowed only for those, who is engaged in modulation certain thoughts & imposing them on infrasound the carrier, i.e. the priests. In the next room modulated infrasound enhanced with the help of resonance & forced in the doorway “septic tank” for hypnotizing audience (it’s marked with the crossed circle). Where people are made to believe in certain system of thoughts & behavior, like “Beware of God & your Master, cause you’re just an unclean beast infront of him”. In this case, the walls in which aimed subsonic ray is thicker, than these, on which sound is recorded (you need to be able to calculate it correctly). & since infrasound can easily cause attacks of fear & even panic, the suggestion is perfect. In this case often argue & disagree, but still many people can’t live without it, so the suggestion already accures, especially, in the country side, where people have more free time. Well, who is lack of “home idol” stomps in the temple to get stronger influence.  However, the modern churches are working a little bit on a different principle. But, firstly, let’s look at the Egyptian’s temples.

Pic. 6.                                   Pic.7.

On the picture 7 you can see a plan of Hatshepsut temple. I think, if I put this picture without explanation, the most people will take it as some pneumatic device sketch, but not a temple. Even its entrance more look like some kind of sockets or a cigarette holder, but not like the usual doorways. Even I wish to connect a hose to them. That’s a work with a sound again.


Pic. 9.

You can see a plan of Kom-Ombo temple on the picture 8, & a plan of Kalabasha temple on the picture 9. There, with red ovals marked some resonator cavities in the shape of recess in the walls or embedded cavities, like a “hollow wall”. Still you should pay attention to the columns in the shape of sound oscillator. Two of them marked with blue on the picture 8. Location axis of the central column forms some kind of narrow ray. At the same picture you can see a small room-resonator, which is the primary emitter of the sound in the form of columns (marked with green). So the technique of the temple’s manufacturing was diverse, but the main energy, on which everything worked, was the sound, received from the continental plates.

& by the way, on the picture 9 the eastern wall of the temple is located at the angle. Such method of energy control is used in several temples, which plans are available in the book above. & yet it must be noted that many of the columns were hollow, to enhance the sound due to resonance.

So where is god in this psyhotronics? God doesn’t need it. This is needed to power invader, some energy parasite.

For instance, god Krishna, while teaching Arjun, speaks about practice Bhakti yoga alone in the forest, in a quiet place by focusing on meditation & mantras. But not about any temples.

Let’s now consider the plans of the pyramidal temples or co-called burial temples. & we start with my favorite complex, together with the pyramid.

Pic.10. General plan of Sakkara step pyramid complex.

There was a 10 meter high fence around the complex, & an amazing building, which I suppose, was smth like a strainer or filter (red oval), to obtain (concentrate) positron energy with which analoque worked John Worrel Keely. Smth like a liquid or fog-like air, which sometimes appear in working with Tesla coils.

Pic.11. Stream of air coming in Tesla coil. Frame from the film “Energy from the vacuum-6”.

In this case, pyramid gave the positron containing fog. It came in a room, marked with an arrow, then passed separation (concentration) & walked into a store, marked with a lightning. Where was fed into a corridor, marked with blue oval. Then it way more prepare somehow & further walked to the temple. That’s an example.

Pic.12. That’s a good example of a stereosystem for solemn initiation into a zombie.

I won’t assume how it has been particulary used. But I think, it has been used not only for inlight the building or “movie show” or miracles, but also to clean out the brains. For this you need to remember the article “Truth of Bhagavad gita” which describes that electronic part is engaged for memory & energy body, & positronic part is engaged for the material body formation. So maybe it’s also needed to erase the memory by despense annihilation method? A drink of forgetfulness. Water of madness, about which tells a parable in the film “Water”. & they received very healthy but stupid “bio-robots” after consumption of this drink. I found some article in Internet about how Egyptian priests created a whole settlement of healthy zombie men. Which can be kept as cattle in the stables at the most primitive of food, without amenities, sex, etc. but unquestioningly fulfilling orders. & for not losing such energy beyond the limits of step pyramid complex, they surrounded it by 10 meter high fence.

& looks like it was used not only for Egyptian priests. The authors of the film “Unknown Mexico” very surprised by drain “pipes” & concreted rooms in te Sun & the Moon pyramid complex. So these pyramids made the described energy. But after they took of the wall facing to shut down this mechanism. So now all that they produced immediately swept away by the wind & isn’t concentrated in “dangerous doses”. If I understand correctly, limestone is the most important part in positron energy recipe. Because it contains calcium which has a very low affinity to electron & so high to positron. & granite in this case acrs as an insulator. There were built ditches & wells to “nowhere” for the dissipation of the energy in Cholula pyramids (see the film “Unknown Mexico”).

Positron energy has a “cold” characteristics in contrast with electric (& fire in general) part of the Universe substance. There is a good example of this fact in Akhmed Fahri book “Pharaoh’s ancient mysteries” Centrpoligraph Publishment, p.89. “Perring & Wise described the case, which makes the most improbable assumptions in their research report. They said, that their people, while cleaning 1 of the aisles, suffered a lot from the heat & lack of air. October 15, 1839, the conditions were such, that they could hardly continue to work. By the time the workers managed to get into 1 of the cameras. Suddenly strong cold wind started to blow from the inside of the pyramid. The flow of cold air was so strong, the people hardly managed to keep the fire. The wind continue to blow in a current 2 days, & disappeared as suddenly as started; no one could explain where it came from”.

Here I offer a few more pictures of Egyptian temples for consideration.

Pic. 13. Stereosystem ¹ 2.

Pic. 14. Well, why is needed such a fence of columns (marked with red), if not for the creation of sound resonance as in turning fork?

Pic. 15. A very big “Pentium processor”.

Pic. 16 & 17. So what does it look like? A temple or a technical building?

Pic. 18 & 19. & what does this look like? & where is the buried place for a body?

Pic. 20 & 21. That’s how look like the insides of some pyramids. Try on to carry sarcophagus with a mummy through its tunnels.

Why did they need technologies of work with the sound & why it’s not used now? Sound is perfectly suited for work with stone, & it’s still used sometimes.

For instance, you can find a “coral castle” on a website www.bibliotekar.ru. There’s an example of how 1 person (Edward Lidckalninsh) managed to cultivate & move over the coral boulders without any equipment, but with the help of Egyptians sound technology.

Photo 2,3,4,5. Coral castle.

Everything you see on these photos was made by 1 person himself. Can you do such? I can’t.

We live in electronic part world of the Prakriti energies. Where the technologies are based on the firee & electricity. In Robert Monroe’s book “Journeys out of the body” in te chapter “Mirror reflaction” he describes his journey to what he called “antiworld”.He says that the main difference between our world & antiworld is the absence of electricity & fire. Although, there live civilized people like us, with a similar system of reelations, use smth like our locomotives & cars. But they don’t use any fire or electricity. So maybe Egypt civilization was created by that people from that world, & from them some ancient technologies came to us?

The Universe substance is based on this. Such, a cell “4” describes our world, where the atom cover consists of electrons. The cell “5”, that R. Monroe calls “the 2nd zone” & the cell “6” – “the 3rd zone” or antiworld, where the atom cover is positron.

So I had a strange idea that if our world consists of continuous wave process with a polarity changing, then maybe polarity energy changing of our planet begin when electric or positronic energy start to predominate over. & than old technologies become non-effective.  More than that added such troubles like World flood, which is threatening us in December 2012… By the way, polarity changing brings coldness. You can often find image of human beings but with some variations in Egyptian temples. Smth like this, on a pic. 6 (found in Internet). In this case Boris Monosov said: “Elf is different from a human by ears”.

Same ears you can see on Vedic demons pictures. They thought to be “dark gods”. Maybe they were “dark”, because their technologies were based on sound energy, not light?

Photo 6

In the last battle for amrita immortality drink diti lost to aditi, & hid themselves underground. So can we live by turns with them on this planet, & even compete with them for it. & now comes their time? Than they really can rule us & prepare us by giving some technologies. But all this help not for our evolution, but for our control & our foolishness. Let me remind you that Christian element is water, its ¹ 6 in TM cell. That is antiworld cell with positron energy. Maybe that’s why Christians so zealously exterminate Vedas knowledge, which were agents of influence to us. Egyptian culture also didn’t care about evolution & a formation of a common people. For thousands of years all powers rushed to the creation of the colossal temples, pyramids, steles, sculptures, etc. but not to the benefit of common people, their education, health… Every time near this grandiose buildings archeologists found miserable hovels & barracks of the common people. But in the most places of the planet they find big cities, where lived ordinary people, like Indian civilization, Babylonian, Etruscan, china, Aztec, etc.

If you’ll look closer, than you’ll notice that human evolution started with the development of electricity energy & all technologies based on it.

Temples often were built on tectonic fractures, where earth energy, such as sound, was easy to come out.

Photo 7,8. Temples on tectonic fractures.

Not only Egyptians but also Hindu & other cultures built their temples on tectonic fractures.

On these photos you can see shifting continental places & the occurrence of fault in the earth’s crust as a consequence, through which radiation energy can come from the center of the planet. Temple catch these energies. What energy can be in such places? Torsion & positron energy from under the earth & gravity energy above the sky. For what such energy needed? It’s needed for communication with egregor & programming people to serve to egregor. But common people don’t need it at all. Look at people, who really search connection with god. They sit in the woods, meditate for connection with god, for ennobling the world harmonic relationship with him, for developing their consciousness without constructing mountains of stones, which not needed neither god nor the planet nor the people. Serving god they serve to everybody. Building temples for serving some god (egregor) only distract attention from the one God & misleading. As well as waste people powers. On the contrary, the more enormous temples, the more trapped people. Almost everywhere megalithic constructions are accompanied by a poor homes of ordinary people. All power were spent in serving to egregor. In better case, egregor gave people knowledge about better ways of enslave & rubbery other nations, which gave better material situation of invaders, mostly of those who serve to egregor.

Nowadays such method is a credit system. In recent past most princes & rich people built their family chapels & churches for not serving god, but for keeping their own egregor (house spirit). Why is it so important to keep egregor? Just because he gives privilege to his slave to get power over people. Normal human doesn’t need it, cause it uses more energy than give. So they use other people as battery or boi-robot. & this is due to the fact that Krishna in the Bhagavad gita said to Arjuna: “about their own inner divine, energy (Bahiranga), border energy – beings (that’s about us) (Jiva shakti) & external energy of Prakriti (the material world), which we must use but not obey it. Egregor can’t use Prakrti energy (of which other egregors consist) without making human to serve him. So he must to attract & program us on a “holy war” with the unbelievers. Precisely to get a food (energy) with our help.

I remember a part in R. Monroe’s book, how he was seized by some force, which demand for the worship to it, calling itself god, during his travels outside of the physical body. Then R. Monroe imagined as it breaks in pieces & re-connect & revive. The force threw him away, calling useless energy clot. It’s good example of smth presents itself as a god.

In order to attract the person to the service-to-self, such parasites give the advantage of separate suitable people in relationships with others. & with time, others, without such support, are forced to follow these “guides” & soon get depended from them. After the parasite, without any modesty, starts to dictate its conditions to his slaves. Otherwise, human will lose the aggressor support. But the aggressor will easily find a new servant in a crowd of followers, who will kill betrayer & take his place. That’s the power of energy parasite through human over other people. & the temples are the devices for reprogramming people from adequate state to the zombie. Scientificly, psychotronic generators for a dark side of human soul effect, the subconscious mind. Because they aren’t needed to the light part of a soul, the supramental   consciousness. For this soul part we have everything from the birth. Just remember that God is in everything, in every atom, a quantum of light, the grain of consciousness. The Creator doesn’t need temples. On the contrary, temples are obstacle, that’s preventing the harmonious flow of living beings energy. Temples redirect the energy to feed “cancerous tumor” or “worms” type of egregors. As well as hampers the evolution of the living beings consciousness, producing some mentally retarded & strongly degraded in spiritual development creatures. Doing everything, but not what god made them for.Just imagine, you bought a computer for accounting or smth like this, but it grabbed the virus & began to behave inadequately, hang, lose data, etc. Do you need such computer? & what will you do? Correct! You’ll organize “another Atlantis drowing”, I mean reboot.

Therefore, we should understand the main thing, in the World there is a creator, who created You. & for specific purpose. But there’s a huge amount of energy parasites, which suggest us that we’re only their servants.

Long time ago, I saw a film where the Babylonians destroyed the Israeli Solomon temple, & than the main character (unfortunately, I don’t remember his name) enthusiastically said approximately the following: “ the temple is destroyed, so now the temple is in the heart”. & it’s very correct words.

People shouldn’t build temples to the gods. Cause neither god nor men doesn’t need it. God is in the human heart as well as in the whole. & the Prakriti (matter) energies are created by god for the service of god through man but not vice versa. Not You for light, but light for You. There’s nobody between You & God. Personally You is a gods border energy. & Your purpose is to exploit the material energy for your own purposes & divine. If someone appears between You & God, that’s a parasite.

Look at the picture 22. “The linear arrangement of the gods-energy”. There’s only the Supreme Soul (Paramatma) as an aspect of God between You (Purusha) & God (Bhagavan) & no one else! Remember it! You’re the Second after God!


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