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New confirmations about the structure of Fabric of the Universe.

Valery P. Kondratov
November 14, 2010

      Recently I came across a good book with very interesting pictures called "Sacred Geometry" by the authors S.M. Neapolitansky and S.A. Matveev.

      So I want to show you those pictures and let's analyze them.

      The first picture is called "The scheme of the universe, expressed through geometry (Mexico)" probably "Mayan" (p.392). Photo 1


Photo 1.The scheme of the universe, expressed through geometry (Mexico).

      If we compare it with the cells from the Fabric of the Universe, we'll see that it is the same thing, only the Mexican picture is combined. It includes all the energies together. The right side and the bottom of the picture belong to the photon group (1), the left side and the top - to the phonon group (2). I draw a red line to separate the two groups.

      But, in the Fabric of the Universe one cell is the photon, and the other - the phonon. The half representing the phonon energies I've highlighted in blue and the one picturing the photon - in red. (see below the Figure 1. The Fabric of the Universe.)

      The image by itself is very informative. First of all, each spatial direction is different to others (3). That is, the proof that the Mayans knew about the anisotropy of the space that modern scientists are only now beginning to learn and somehow recognize (See the films "Anisotropic world", "The geometry of space", as well as "Unknown Mexico" by A. Sklyarov and others). The eagles at the ends of the spatial cones symbolizing time, also have different patterns on their backs (4), indicating the anisotropy of the time itself. The space energy, released from the center of the cell, is painted with a baton with knots (5), and the flowing into the center of the cell, with animal heads, etc. (6). The floral designs inside the cones of space are also different. And the left (adjacent to the phonon energy group) is brighter than the right (adjacent to the photonic group of energies). The images of heads and others quite possibly represent the memory of the universe (The Akashic Records). And the "arrow-like", rather knotty trunks indicate the direction of the energy movement. This way the torsion (8) is pointed upwards from the earth, the gravity (9)- downwards to the earth, the electric field (10) - to the right and the vibrating field (11) it is unclear , as it seems to vibrate (like a standing wave). And here's another interesting detail: all the "trees" have two branches with three fruits (let's call them this way), and only the torsion "tree" clearly has two fruits placed on the same branch. Well, after all, the torsion comes to us from the second measurement. Also, we should take a look at the painted human figures. They are too, not just a simple representation: in the phonon (sound) cell (11) one man shouted, while another has a large ear. In the photonic cell (10) the man from the right is drawn with eyes, but the one on the left is not clear, maybe he is blind.

Figure 1. The Fabric of the Universe

      This is how they were, those primitive Indians. They knew things that we are just crawling to discover armed with super colliders.

      The next picture has Egyptian origins (p. 480 of the same book). Photo 2.

      It depicts the goddess Nut. She is generally considered the goddess of the sky and stars, but in reality represents the energy of space. Or simply the spatial matrix, which is confirmed by the fine ornaments of her dress. Compare this with the Fabric of the Universe (see above), with the part which is composed of cells containing the number 5. This can be seen more clearly in the figure (2) from the Geometry of the Unified field; the grid of red rhombs (see below).

      And please do not involve the flower of life here. Just take a closer look. The ornament is similar, but not the same. Photo 3.

     Photo 2. (P. 480). The goddess Nut                Photo 3. The Flower of Life.

Figure 2. The Geometry of the Unified field.

     And another two interesting images. Photo 4. (P. 566).

      I suppose these pictures are drawn with the shape of 4 and therefore represent the highest point of ascension. And the four relates to the Jesus Christ. But I link this to the Square of Saturn, where I connect the figures in series by red lines. Fig. 3. It is particularly the square of Saturn or Lo-Shu in Chinese tradition, which is the basis (the code) of the creation of Fabric of the Universe. (By the way all magic squares have Indian (Aryan) origin).


Photo 4. Images from "The Sacred Geometry".          Figure3. The Square of Saturn.

      Now let's make some small corrections in the Square of Saturn and we will obtain the images from the book. To do this in the Figure 4 we will remove the connections 1 - 2 and 8 - 9 and replace them with short vertical lines. Also in Figure 5 we'll remove the connections 3 - 4 and 6 - 7 and 4 - 5 - 6, and move them upwards, randomly changing the angles and lengths. In fact this job has already been done by those who drew these "fours".

               Photo 5.                              Figure 4.

               Photo 6.                                          Figure 5.

      From this we draw the conclusion that "the four" has nothing to do in here. And these characters are not Christian by provenience, but simply borrowed of the Egyptian tradition for the Christian religion, most likely by the Copts. Of course, slightly camouflaged from the profane. Well, Christians never liked an educated and intelligent person thats why they burned the Alexandrian library, and then burned for a long time people all over the Europe, along with books and even scientists later; trying to show that the Earth isn't round and does not revolves around the sun. All in accordance with the doctrine: - The Mister should take note of the knowledge, and the slave should be dumb as a mule.

      And here's just a pretty picture for meditation from the Indian tradition with a hint. The eight energies of Prakriti (the manifested world) and + 1 Purusha (the non manifested world) form a nine - the phenomenal world of names and forms. Photo 7. (p. 111 the same book).

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