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The given below material, article of Valery Pavlovich, differs a certain duality. On the one hand the reader can think that all written below is rather "esoterism" and generate the attitude occurring most of all - incognizable equipment and real daily practice is subject to doubt and by definition is not exact. How works mobile - technicians know only technicians, but it is "clear" as the standard. The rest is not standard, that is why not obviously and does not arouse trust.

On the one hand, article talks about perfect accurate science, but lost in centuries. And that is very important - about SIMPLE science, which is incomparable with modern analogues dazzling with terrible formulas.

Allow me to give u some explanations proceeding from current world PRACTICE. I write practices, because only practice gives basis to consider that the theory is partially or completely fair.

So. In the modern world, there was a duality for a long time. Only at all that about which physicists sing a song to an electron, but a duality of standards, not at all in the politics, but in a science.

On the one hand it seems physics fully has been frozen-has been pinned down to certain official paradigm. On the other hand there is extremely great number of exclusions where the science uses approaches, which most strongly borders on esoterism, and is more precise with INFORMATICS, but the real world, instead of programs on the computer, but from the scientific and exact point of view.

Well, I will not indulge in philosophy, just will give small stack of the brightest and known instances, they can be given also in hundreds:

  1. Experiments of Quantum physics have shown dependence of elementary particle's behavior from the experimenter's ATTENTION. Actually having proved influence of consciousness on behavior of particles in the accelerator. It is a proven fact. Also it is necessary to note that physicists-theorists write for a long time different interesting theories of the Universe in trying to get by somehow in an existing physical paradigm. For example, popular «The theory of strings» or «the Theory of the holographic Universe» are actually the neat informational model of the world.

  1. Kozyrev, the Russian scientist known for his works in the Pulkovsky observatory, used to outward things a slightly «esoteric» paradigm of causal physics where phenomenons are not completely smoothly reversible as in the utopian (simplified for the solution of the elementary mechanical problems) school physics. He gained a large quantity of the experimental acknowledgings which are easily repeated and are incontestable, a big part of them says that our reality is faster the information, than simply rough substance.... Works of Kozyrev are published and accessible, even limited...

  1. Gorjaev, the modern Russian scientist, has spent a set of examinations and experiments, for example, researching a human gene and has detected a distant connection between representatives of one genus (relatives) confirmed multiple experiments, which were delivered with all scientific strictness. It is a question not of telepathy, but about physical influence on each other, which was recorded by device independently of distance and even on different continents. Thus, affecting was "technogenic", with assistance of devices irradiated a tissue (cells) of one person and at other people (his relatives) (considerably) raised the temperature. By the way, researches of other scientists have shown from the mathematical point of view that the capacity of all GRAIN of a plant by number of atoms is not enough for the RECORDINGS and storage of the information about MATURE TREE though it is considered to be that all this information is written in a molecule genome (DNA). It coincides with works of Gorjaev who have guessed that the big part of information genome is stored as hologram out of the molecule and only bounded with it.

  1. Reflexotherapy - a strange paradox of modern world. Denying traditional philosophy of the East in the theory though there is a lot of units from physics of microcosms (!), the West uses for a long time practical operating time of traditional east medicine - the reflexotherapy is taught in the most of medical high schools, there are corresponded chairs, doctors of this speciality are in many polyclinics, though only few of them know how to do that know their colleagues-bearers of tradition. Those who know how, usually have queues from elite of a society... As possibilities of the informational approach to organism allow to create "miracles" from the point of view of modern medicine, but these "miracles" are rigidly proved scientifically, for those who are able to read the profile literature.

  1. Triorigin model of doctor Park Jae Woo, known as doctor reflexologist, the founder of the popular worldwide direction of Su Jok Therapy. Doctor Park wrote some books which almost fully devoted to absolutely not medical examples. He described triorigion INFORMATIONAL model of the Universe, illustrating this approach in many and many examples and in modern life and a atoms life, from understanding of Feng Shui's bases, the point of view of this model and illustrating family relations and conflicts on the same basis. What for he need it... Probably you will understand after reading article.

  1. Information from the past of a modern science. Researches of transferring directly the information (telepathy) were officially realized in the USSR (!) and their results have been quite officially published in corresponding collections. From the point of view of modern physics, research of those years has defined, that telepathy is waves of millimeter lengths (tens Gigahertz, at this point in time is used above satellite range of frequencies).

(detail Bernard Bernardovich Kazhinsky
The second edition

  1. The Theory of "magic squares" is used as the mechanism reckonings in explanations to inventions of Serl. Thus, it is not used binding to planetary horoscope-matrixes as in Kondratov's article, which is overhead below, but it is utilized the determined interpretation of a square with the different sizes of a diagonal as the INFORMATION brick of the Universe, obliged to be harmonious for satisfying conditions of "joining" with the surrounding reality. The same as in the Kondratov's article brought below, Serl says that the numerological approach to the analysis of the physical phenomena has under itself the strong reasons and brings examples.

  1. 8. Researches of Information at cellular level by means of QHF(quasi high frequencies) are obliged by the origin to the space technologies created in the USSR in 80. The laboratory of Gotovsky (RAMS), as well as a number of other official scientific organisations, carried out research takeing the information on cellular level and has been created technologies of improvement with help of the DATA RECORDING about a healthy object. The similar researches exist under different marks and names and really work.

  1. The Aqva Disk (http://www.aqvadisk.ru/say.html) - is quite commercial, serial and checked up eyewitnesses product (it is not an advertising, only the explanation), illustrating the INFORMATION approach to the surrounding realty, its manufacturers also refer to works of Gotovsky as on the convenient basis for the EXPLANATORY, thus given device really works in the declared mode. From this point of view also an excellent illustration are translated on many languages, including Russian, books and works of Masaru Emoto (is on sale almost everywhere).A movie about waterhttp://www.wateroflive.ru/index.php

as it is known even got the award "TEFI". Mentioned above "Aqvadisk" allows to write down structure on the water, which is in a pot over it. Even direct contact is not present; there is a field from a modulated magnet by the information. Nevertheless the elementary experiences show at hardware level that in the water occur changes not such as ñan give simple magnet, and the device is passive, does not join in any sockets.

  1. Recently on ORT has been shown twice the documentary movie «Chasm's Call», narrating about work with an informational component of the world by the employees of special services. Eyewitnesses among acquaintances and relatives formerly, having had contacts to some similar programs in Soviet time, confirm that at least the PART of information in the film is either true or is close to that.

Thus, de facto the world lives for a long time using everywhere INFORMATION model of the Universe, but de jure recognizes at the best existence of obscure perspective physical theories to the inhabitant. And de facto, as you could notice by the given examples, it is not only the theory and experiments far from the people, but also introduced in business and structures of management practice, and introduced actually everywhere. The inhabitant has got used to trust in a paradigm "de jure", recognized and supported though more often in practice faces just to what are devoted the higher examples.

It is possible to tell that the world science has already and inevitably crept up to understanding of a nature of the world surrounding us more from the informational point of view, than with especially material and materialistic. This approach is close to the modern person,who is surrounded with computers and the virtual worlds behind their screen. And this approach tells that except true material interactions exist also informational and they affect a material world. It is the approach, which is being used IN PRACTICE for a long time, nevertheless does not admit officially not to break a convenient paradigm, where the tool of creation new -the closed and inaccessible super technological ultramodern science to the majority.

It is possible to conclude that the given information by Valery Pavlovich in his article is important as the beginning of restoration of knowledge about “smaller” and more important levels of the Universe behind which later begin only the matter and energy and many others... It is confirmed for a long time by knowledge and experiments, but carefully shaded from public opinion. Because ability to management identically to CONTROL. Article brought below bears information about true algorithms of management of the REALITY not having almost anything common with that is supported in different "traditions" which have remained up to now, as here is discourse not about the cultural veiled heritage but about direct understanding and interaction with that as «on a disk» of the Universe are stored files with the information about Worlds.

I recommend referring to told below as the information really important and keeping in it very many things.

In modern "versions" of physical theories is talking about some substances, for example strings, or about something, keeping additional function to a habitual picture of the world. The concept of an ether revives in theories of many scientists, or is replaced with any another "not worn out", for example popular «the dark matter» or something else . But the sense everywhere is one.

When we write a file on a flash - we know how many information there will enter and that the flash stores it, and can be cleaned, it is possible to write down game, and it is possible also any boring mathematical program or a database. In all new and fashionable physical theories is talking about «flash», differently about other, deeper level of the Universe where we deal yet with substance or radiation, but with level of storage of the primitive information, with an original matrix “base” of the Universe, for which even light or an elementary particle - already whole program complex like ours «office 2007» with patches from the manufacturer for not hanging :)

I ask to notice that the majority of physics theorists offers in their theories very difficult models which probably really take place to be and do not contradict each other (!) and by the way in below the given information too (!), but they are not accessible almost to simple understanding at the level of the usual person and demand difficult formulas understandable to a few people on the whole Planet.In the article of Valery Pavlovich Kondratov it is talking about the SIMPLE approach of construction "flash" which was invented not by him. He has simply looked at the obvious data from history of our world and has seen absolutely not hidden, but at the same time for a long time veiled and dusted. In article there is a speech that most likely our ancestors spoke (and thought!?!) in language which directly co-operates with "matrix" with the Universe and there are evidences to that, and also the information «holographic the Universes» is opened and accessible to selectors, but nobody wishes to look THERE SO.

So, The Article about the Universe and about that as it is connected with the runic letter. Undoubtedly it is only the beginning of the big research in which for certain many people will take part.

ATTENTION! Materials of this site are constantly updated. The author has information for adding to before said. It is planned to talk about utilization in practice the brought information.

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