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The Lightning from pyramids

Valery P. Kondratov
29 march 2009

One, the cabbage, three, four, five, six, ….... (two)

Tetrahedron , the pyramid,hexahedron, heptahedron, an octahedron, ….. (pentahedron)

The Egyptian name of a pyramid - Mer, and the word "pyramid" is of the Greek origin. Occurs from the FEAST(πῦρ, πῠρός [an. Greek]) - FIRE and MID(μέση [], Mid ) - the MIDDLE. The fire from the middle, from within.

According to the destination the pyramid is the generator of high-voltage, nanosecond impulses, working on frequency of generation of quartz (roughly 11 GHz).

Its basic purpose is creation of artificial lightning (energy)

for use in teleportation.

Otherwise, the pyramid —is a vehicle.

The basic variants of teleportation using of pyramids:

        • Carrying over of consciousness (Soul) from a decrepit body in the new;

        • Carrying over of consciousness (Soul) to other worlds and (or) time;

        • Carrying over of the person to space within a planet;

        • Carrying over of the person to other worlds and (or) time;

        • Carrying over of objects to space and (or) time, including

warhead or energies.

        • Carrying over mental and others mental energies from the modulator (the operator, the magician) on others of essence or objects, including on the weather.

The Principle of work of the Great Pyramid.

The citation from: Peter Tompkins «Secret of the Great Pyramid of Cheops »

The English inventor the sir W. Siemens has informed about following supervision: once, when he stood on the top of the Great pyramid of Cheops the guide-Arab has drawn his attention to such fact that each time when he raises the hand with spread wide fingers, it is heard a high shrill ringing sound.

Having risen up only a forefinger, Siemens has felt distinctly pricking in this finger. When he has tried to take a sip of wines from a bottle which has brought on pyramid top has felt an easy electric shock. After that Siemens has curtailed the newspaper and has wrapped up it round a bottle — it has turned out Leyden jar. It accumulated on the increasing an electric charge when it simply held over a head.

When the bottle with wine has started to sparkle, the guide-Arab became very suspicious and began to accuse Siemens of occupation with black magic. Other guide has tried to seize Siemens companion then he has put a bottle down from what the Arab has received such strong blow that has fallen, having fainted. Having come to the senses, the poor guide has hardly risen on feet and something loudly shouting, began to go down alone downwards from the pyramid.

At the basis of energy of the pyramid is the principle of an ascending lightning(The GRANT FOR"INSTRUCTIONS ON DEVICE LIGHTNING PROTECTION OF BUILDINGS AND CONSTRUCTIONS " (RD 34.21.122-87)).

From the ionosphere gets into the earth the leader on whom from current-carrying layers of the earth there is a glow in the ionosphere. Destroying objects or killing live through which it passes.

It is necessary to remember: that, the maximum electric potential is near to a planet surface. On the average it reaches 100 volt on height metres, over an ocean surface decreases to 80 volt, and in deserts increases to 160;

fig.1 Peter Tompkins «The Secrets of the Great Pyramid of Cheops »

The great pyramid is located on a rock having deep breaks (fig.1);

Almost at all pyramids on walls salt adjournment;

Corridors and rooms of pyramids are smoothly ground except for the bottom room where cleanliness of processing hindered as the bottom of this room was filled with a hydrochloric solution which then filtered into depth of a rock, serving as a conductor to an electric charge;

The pyramid possesses ideal acoustics. All its direction is carried out by a sound.

fig.2 and 3 Peter Tompkins «The Secrets of the Great Pyramid of Cheops »

Granite blocks of which walls of rooms and corridors are made contain quartz. Natural frequency of generation of quartz is 11 GHz. Quartz transfers mechanical fluctuations in electric radiation; therefore it can be excited by a sound. A priest got into a sarcophagus located in the top room and mantra singing raised generation of electric impulses in granite blocks located in a ceiling and over it, number 5, as well as foil strips on this VHF scheme (photo 1),

photo 1.

It led to accumulation of electric potential to a similar atmospheric conductor. The charge went deep into the earth causing in the answer a lightning, which passed on a hydrochloric solution and beat in the bottom room (the Chamber of Severe Tests) (fig. 4). Then it rushed on corridors in the top rooms. In the Big gallery (the Pair Hall of True) the basic part of energy was selected in a parallel corridor located over the Big gallery, (which can be found easily having drilled in a ceiling a hole depth of two metres) as it becomes now in the VHF wave guides (see photo 2 and its detail of photo 3).

photo 2.

in selection of capacity from the basic stream. Also notice, in the VHF technology the capacity not in watts, but in decibels, as well as a sound (logarithmic dependence).

photo 3.

And further or it was used for useful work, or it was dumped in atmosphere, depending on a formulated task. Surpluses of energy were dumped through lateral channels in rooms.

It was in general and now particular.

While I will describe only carrying over of consciousness to a new body.

The Atlantic civilization was a civilization of magicians, also as well as Egyptian. For the magician the main thing is preservation of knowledge and abilities. Loss of knowledge during reincarnation leads to a delay in evolution of the magician.

Therefore magicians are compelled to search for ways of prolongation of a life. The basic variant prolongation of life magicians of Atlantis was the cloning..

Roughly at twenty years (physical) age from genome of the magician its unconscious clone was put. On achievement by the magician of age of 40-45 years the consciousness was transfered from the grown decrepit body in a clone. And the old body was destroyed. For restoration of this technology experiments with lambs are now made..

Consciousness carrying over was carried out in a pyramid in the following way.

A not so young magician, who was alive and in full conscious, got into «The Chamber of severe tests ». In «The Hall of True shipped in darkness », was located unconscious (without Soul) a young clone (probably and simply

fig.4 Peter Tompkins «The Secrets of the Great Pyramid of Cheops»

suitable body without consciousness). The operator got into a sarcophagus «Chambers of an open tomb for revival from dead ». Why in a sarcophagus? Because the sarcophagus is the resonator strengthening a mantra of the operator (therefore under it is in emptiness a floor), and at the same time an electric insulator for the operator, who hasn’t been killed by a lightning.

Other operators preliminary set up pendant stone blocks in so-called «antichamber »

on certain sound frequency (As valves in a wind pipe) (fig. 5). And then, having waited the necessary position of the Sun not involved in further the personnel left a premise. Closed an entrance in a pyramid and started «religious rite». The operator sang a mantra, it caused piezocrystalline generation in the granite. A formed «Leader»was beating deep into the Earth. In the answer in «The Chamber of severe tests»from the Earth flew the killing lightning killing the magician, who was sitting there and shaking out from he his Soul (consciousness). Further the lightning was not necessary and consequently was dumped in atmosphere under above described scheme (as caused Fire

fig.5 «Antichamber» with guidance of blocks.

(Peter Tompkins «The Secrets of the Great Pyramid of Cheops»)

from the middle, from within), and the Soul (consciousness) went to a room with a clone, and the clone became the high-grade Sincere person.

fig. 6. Lightnings from the pyramid

Present level of technologies already has closely approached (and maybe is used) to that «very valuable» members of a society could not die spiritually, but change bodies, as a suit (well if, not on new then borrowed at the one who is poorer, but looks on better).

As in Atlantis, and in its provinces, magicians was much such actions were made enough often. Owing to destructive action plasmoid of the lightning on walls of corridors and chambers the last quickly wore out, therefore pyramids were required much more and not only in Egypt.

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