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The Fabric of the Universe in the Symbolism

Valery P. Kondratov.
September 5, 2011

I already wrote about the manifestation of elements from the Fabric of the Universe in some views about the world. But now there are new images that I would like to discuss about. So I decided to write a new, more detailed article on this subject.

In the beginning I'll say a few words about the philosophical of the world of American Indians. Because their views are not towards the part of the Fabric of the Universe which is preferred by Eurasian doctrine. Here is a picture representing the structure of the universe in the interpretation of the Warao Indians living in the Orinoco River Delta Img. 1. (an image taken from the movie "Mysteries of the Sacred Universe"), and the Navajo Indians. Img. 2. Here the image is created with the use of natural elements (branches, animals), but the basic details are in place. (Picture from the same film).

 Img.1. Img.2


And let's compare them to a section of the Fabric in the Universe . (Fig. 3). This area is marked with a blue circle with arcs and eight red rays. As you can see it is very close in shape of the main lines to Img.1.


Now look at the view of the world of the ancient Mexicans. Previously, I had already demonstrated this in the article "New confirmations about the structure of Fabric of the Universe" Img. 4. This section on the Fabric of the Universe is shown by a square pointed with an arrow.

Now let's think about the origin of the Maltese (Templar cross) (see lower left corner of Img.3.) His form comes from the same area on the Fabric of the Universe. And if we recall history, they had a ritual of worshiping Baphomet. So maybe they do shamanism like Indians?

Actually, this section of the Fabric of the Universe is connected with the energy of Space (the Matter), and has almost no contact with the energy of Time. Here at the node 2, the space manages the energies of the weak interaction (torsion) and electric field and in the node 8 the vibrational field and the gravity. So therefore a question arises. Which node was taken by the Templars for their symbol of 2 or 8.The same question arises regarding the worldview at the tribes of Navajo and Vara. Moreover, the people who draw these images portrayed them upside down (North at the bottom), and changed the left side with right side. We need to do a 180 degrees turn around on the center. With the Mexican pattern is easier, they have done a combined image of the nodes 2 and 8 (I described this about a year ago in the article "New confirmations about the Fabric of the Universe"). In addition, they have everything set in a very correct and informative way (some details may be even more informative than those in the Euro-Asian representations). The other energies in these figures, seem as if they were cut off and dont participate in the general circulation. A pretty strange approach. Maybe it was forbidden to mention other energies. Or is it that shamans received their knowledge of the world only through the "feminine beginning", for example in an altered state of consciousness such as Seidr and therefore did not perceive the idea about the construction of the "male part". In any case, this one-sided approach of knowledge, should slow down the evolution of consciousness in its way to the Spirit, and of course the overall development.

Now let's see the Euro-Asian representations of the World.

To start let's remember that the construction of our world was coded in the square of Saturn, which is widely used in India, China (the Lo Shu square), Persia and so on. However, in some cases he could be represented in digital form. In Img. 5,6,7,8, 9, 10. On talismans, Yantras, in feng shui, etc.

*** When I tried to make an Internet search of Indian yantras, featuring the square of Saturn, I was really surprised about their abundance and diversity. Almost every third yantra contains this square or its elements.


 Img.5. The Lo Shu Square                   Img.6. Talisman              

Img.7. Talisman                                                     Img.8. Talisman             

Img.9.Yantra                                                           Img.10. Yantra


Or in the square of Saturn there were introduced a variety of gods. As shown in Vaasthu Shastra. In Img. 11, 12. or in Vaasthu Purusha.

Img.11. Vaasthu Shastra                                 Img.12. Vaasthu Purusha

It could be just a graphical draw of the divine world. Img. 13. The sacred Mount Meru (the axis of the world) on which are represented nine cities and gods (the same square of Saturn), Fig. 14, Jambudvipa, The round island of our universe is divided into nine areas, called Varsha. (pictures from the movie "Mysteries of the Sacred Universe").

Img.13. The Sacred Mount MeruImg.14. Jambudvipa

The square of Saturn gives a more detailed representation about the full set of energies by contrast to the construction of the world of the American Indians. And perhaps this is one of the reasons influencing the higher level of development of the Eurasian civilization. In Img.3. this area is marked by a yellow square with red numbers.

And there is more objects that are connected with the Fabric of the Universe. Some of these are Vajras, a sort of weapon used by gods in ancient India. Fighting with these weapons was less comfortable than with an ordinary weapon. The vajras were regular and double. The weapon struck with lightning and thunders. That is, with light and sound, similar to the beam weapon. The simple form of vajras is well suited to describe the transition of "4-5-6" in the Fabric of the Universe. And the double vajra can be established perfectly in the cell with the center "2" or "8", similar to a Maltese cross. In Img. 15, 16. Vajras.

Img.15. Single VarjaImg.16. Double Varja

Img.17. The Fabric of the Universe

Why do I write about all this? Because people living on different continents and different time, using different practices for achieving an altered state of consciousness, or simply by being clairvoyants got in contact with the structure of the world describing it basically in the same except with some minor details. So it's very likely they see the same thing, but describe what they see in their own way. And because all their visions to some extent fit into the Fabric of the Universe, there's a high probability that theyre actually see its constituting elements. So the Fabric of the Universe is the true principle for our Universe construction.


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