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Key to Written Language - the Fabric of the Universe.

  Valery P. Kondratov
12 march 2009

Analyzing the runes, I have come to understanding that at the basis of their writing lays the square of Saturn (fig. 1).

Having tried various ways of using a square of Saturn to reproduction of runes has faced that not all runes are entered in it and it is probable because of the deformed tracing (fig. 2).

fig. 2

fig. 1
Then I have recollected books of Gennady Stanislavovich Grinevich about decoding Slavonic writing language and have decided to look in them for more ancient writing of these signs. There I have seen their larger variety, absolutely not entered in a square of Saturn (fig.3).

Linear signs of the writing language, type (G.S.Grinevich) fig. 3

Many signs have strange inclinations; something is obvious designating that is well visible in the combinatory table (fig.4).

Principle of a combinational method at construction of signs of the writing language, type (G.S.Grinevich). fig. 4

I have decided to make a grid (fabric), in which the following square is a mirror reflexion previous with one general row (something wavy), using a square of Saturn as a matrix for its basis (fig.5 and fig.6).

fig. 5
And here, all runes, even the most exotic, began to find their place.
And not only runes began, but also such signs as the Maltese cross, the Swastika and others.
The Fabric of the Universe has turned out.

The Fabric of the Universe.

fig. 6
Brought below variants of a tracing of signs on writing and , the Etruscan letter and runes show their possible arrangement on The Fabric of the Universe (fig. 7,8,9 and 10).
I have given a tracing only some signs, which are representing, in my opinion, most interesting or often met events. Exact their arrangement need to be deduced on the basis of logic research of power processes.
Please, do not to swear apropos reversing some signs, it is made for economy of a place, differently it will be necessary many pages with illustrations.

fig. 7

In other words the Fabric of the Universe has formed a basis of creation of the writing type of , and also etruscan, protoindian, orhono-Yenisei and runes which part they are. Also I think a basis of the Chinese hieroglyphs, as they like very much the square of Lo-Shu (a square of Saturn) and hexagram, from it occurring. Well, and in this case the Japanese and Korean hieroglyphs have the same basis.
And it is only conversion a square of Saturn in a two-dimensional projection.

fig. 8
At the description of runes' characteristics talk about potential forces hidden in their tracing. The square of Saturn reflects power-material processes in the Universe and transitions between levels of the reality. And also interrelation of energy of time with mental energy and their influence on transformation of other kinds of energy in a matter or back.

Simplistically, the sequence of processes is that (fig. 11): 1 - the passive aether, under external influence (or internal explosion) passes in "2", the indignant aether (wavy) in which there is a set of high-speed waves with loops and nodes. Addition of loops creates vortical processes "3", with opposite backs (+, - which in the subsequent are shown in particles and antiparticles) and different directions in space. In the physicist it is called as weak interactions. At addition of weak interactions arise electromagnetic waves "4" which then communicate energy of time (Spirit, mental energy) "5", to substance condensation.

fig. 9

"6" (we name it quarks). From which all is formed the rest "7", from electrons to galaxies. But the shown gravitation "8", draw substance to a condition of a black hole "9". And process move to other level, or repeats.

It is necessary to understand, what does exactly mental energy (it the Spirit or energy of time), create this reality and keep from destruction.

We constantly generate this energy. We are created for this purpose. And by our emotions we create or we destroy a reality surrounding us. The human brain constantly generates and radiates nearby 25 watt of energy, which interacts with the world. This interaction also is a basis of magic, witchery, sorcery and the creation of various egregors.

fig. 10

From the scheme at fig. 11 it is possible to assume that a black hole, it is not super-massive object, but a tunnel in other quality, in other reality or other level of our reality with which it is possible the power exchange.

This scheme in such kind is rather conditional, as it should be developed at least eightfold, each separate square comprises same full and so on.

Thus described above the qualitative transitions occur at all levels. It also is multidimensionality, and a basis holographicity of our reality where in each quantum is putt he information of all Universe. So the processes of creation of a new matter also go at all levels. Otherwise how to explain that, every year our planet extends on 0,1 mm., that is nearby 250-300 gramme of substance on each square metre of a surface. It is not the result from meteoric rains or sunlight.

fig. 10

It means that it is as a result of transition to substance, somewhere in the centre of the Earth, some other energies arriving of surrounding space, or other measurement. This process also generates synthesis of heavy elements which then break up to easier.

It is difficult to imagine that easy atoms of helium or carbon, it is possible to drown in a heavy kernel of a planet for the subsequent synthesis of uranium or to something similar, also as it is ridiculous to expect drown itself some foam plastic in water, and here is energy (for example light in water, glass), which can get absolutely easily into the most dense substance and relate there with some its' conditions (to be frozen).

Primary appointment of is a schematic tracing of sound or other frequencies actuating various power processes at all levels from quantum to universal and as only in the proslavonic language it is known 211 linguistic elements, assume that their total number is 256 . All this has something in common with electronics and eight-capacity.

The process of application of runes reminds a using of switches for a direction of existing streams energies, on performance of certain work. It is as so as the keyboard on PC.

And for this reason runes begin to function in the course of their tracing.

It is said that runes are the gift to humanity. Maybe it is so. Because the primitive human of the Stone Age could not simply know about the structure of the Universe and its power streams to use their schematic tracing as writing.

Such writing, with an explanation of its application for direction of a reality, could be given only in a ready kind some of a highly developed civilization. And then profaned by a small group of magicians and religious rogue in the self-interested purposes.

fig 12.
The Tree Yggdrasil from which have occurred runes, represents an octahedron if to look on external sides(fig.12).

Under transfer the square of Saturn in a three-dimensional projection also has turned out the octahedron, or two pyramids turned by the bases to each other. And from this follows that an octahedron, the most natural geometrical object. Which is the basic building brick of our reality, and not so as cube because the cube consists of six pyramids or three octahedrons. Here is important eight sides, instead of six, as in a cube. Though it would be seductive to use the Rubik's Cube, but it has not approached.

It is natural to assume that pyramids (an octahedron half) were built by those who had writing based on the Fabric of the Universe, and the subsequent hieroglyphic writing has been invented for concealment of knowledge from the big number of people. In that case everywhere, where pyramids were built, it should be found out the writing based on the Fabric of the Universe. And the return there where such writings are there will be pyramids.
A check of other squares: Jupiter, Mars and the Sun, has not given such quantity of coincidence on a tracing of signs of writing. Though it is possible to notice that some signs had as a basis of a tracing, a grid of these squares. It is possible to assume that these squares work on some other levels of our reality or belong to other realities with which we somehow co-operate. I consider that these squares are of little use for a tracing of considered writing also because they has many variants of drawing up.

The Squares of Jupiter.

One of variants (base from which there are others) a way of writing of a square of Jupiter and its linen (fig. 13). Interest causes figures type of a wind rose with the central numbers 15 and 14.

It is a variant of the linen is gained from the square of Jupiter, described in Papus magic (fig. 14). The figure is shown in the form of a pentagram.

fig. 13

fig. 14

So looks the linen gained of a square of Mars looks(fig.15). Here cause interest square figures. One of them have an input through 1, others an exit through 25 that is similar to the microprocessor. And also impresses "the wind rose". But it is poorly for creation of writing of variants, though some elements are met in .

Probably new interesting figures will appear in expansion of the sizes of a linen, for example a grid and "the wind roses".

fig. 15

In the square of the Sun (fig. 16), it is interesting the node of the basic crossings on border 15 and 21 squares (or numerological 6 and 3). The square should reveal in a three-dimensional projection. Otherwise many lines are closed by others and it does not allow to show a true ornament.

fig. 16

During construction of grids determines that one part of them has closed energy (fig. 4, 14 and 15), and another - opened ( fig.13 and 16).

Researches of the squares of Mercury, Venus and the Moon hold now. Soon it will be offered to a review. Probably something it will be shown on icosahedrons or dodecahedrons.

What else it is necessary to tell. For preservation of knowledge about sephirot have been invented cards. And for preservation of knowledge of the Fabric of the Universe have been invented draughts, and later chess.

And still, I think that universal writing about which spoke Elena Blavatskaya in her books, is based on the Fabric of the Universe and used not only by people.

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